Prom Dresses at a Good Price Point

As prom season approaches, many high school girls are preparing to purchase dresses, shoes, and handbags. Appreciating that proms are a large expense for many, Camryn Sullivan, a Rye Neck High School senior, founded The Prom Collective.

In November 2016, she started collecting lightly worn prom dresses from friends and family, as well as tapping the United Methodist Church community in Mamaroneck for dresses that might be hanging in girls’ closets from last year’s proms.

“The support I have received is amazing. People want to help and I have received donations of dresses, accessories, and even make-up samples,” said Camryn.

Her concept is to make the cost of the dresses optional, determined by the purchaser. If someone hesitates or cannot pay more than a small amount, Camryn said she is ready to simply give dresses away. “I think people are honest and will tell me what they feel they can pay.  If someone loves a dress and hesitates, I will discreetly ask if they want it for free.”

Camryn invites all prom-bound girls to The Prom Collective event: Saturday, March 25 from 11-3 at the Mamaroneck United Methodist Church. The funds collected will be donated to a charity that helps support at-risk teens.


                  Camryn Sullivan, Rye Neck High School senior, holds a dress from The Prom Collective.    

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