I write to address misstatements set forth in the letter to the editor published in the last edition (October 20, 2017) by the Democratic candidates for Mayor and City Council. They accuse Mayor Sack of attempting to silence campaign speech by making a complaint to the Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee. What the candidates attempt to gloss over is the fact that their campaign material was found to be “unfair” and “misleading” by the committee. For the full text of the finding, go to

This is a bi-partisan, independent committee whose function is to ensure that “political candidates must provide the public with accurate, truthful information so that informed decisions can be made in choosing our leaders.”  

These same candidates seem to feel that whatever untruths they spew forward must be accepted. Shockingly, even <after> their statements have been determined to be misleading, these candidates continue to mislead the voters by spewing forth the same exact misleading statements. This is outrageous.

So, to adopt the Democrat’s position, they should be free to mislead the public with no ramifications. Making a complaint to the very committee set up to determine if their statements are misleading is “an attempt to silence campaign speech”. I guess their definition of “campaign speech” is to use whatever lie is convenient to get elected.

This is exactly the type of fear mongering that we all should reject. Rye is better than that. 

A rigorous truthful campaign on the issues is what our residents deserve. Mayor Sack and Councilman McCartney have a solid record of great achievements in the past four years. The Democrats have not even attempted to dispute this solid record. Unfortunately, the Democratic candidates have lost sight of their obligations to the voters. It appears that they have lost their moral compass, still putting forth statements that have already been determined to be misleading. Lying to the public to win an election should never be rewarded. Our voters are smarter than that. 

Reelect Mayor Joe Sack and Councilman Terry McCartney and elect Susan Watson and Elizabeth Parks. Send a message that fear mongering will not result in success and that candidates should run on the truth, not lies. 

— Anthony Piscionere

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