Is the best use of the Rye City police to have a speed trap on Playland Parkway? Almost daily, especially in summer, I see them give speeding tickets to unsuspecting drivers, most of whom are people of color.

All are folks looking forward to fun and enjoyment at Playland, ones who have saved and anticipated a day together, at the beach, in fresh air, and on rides. Yet, before they get there, the cost of the outing doubles. The driver’s insurance may go up and he may receive points on his license.

The Parkway, a four-lane wide road, is downhill from the Thruway making it easy to innocently pick up speed. If the concern is public safety, then pull over the speeders, give them a warning, and let them go on their way. Nothing works better for improving respect for police and the law than understanding versus a cold and expensive ticket.

Is the best use of our City police to write tickets on a County road? 

— Chris Cohan


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