The campaign season is made up of long days and bumpy nights, but once the election returns started pouring in after the polls closed on November 7, it was quickly apparent that the Democrats would have a very good Election Night.

State Senator George Latimer (D), who won reelection to a third term last November, decisively defeated incumbent Rob Astorino (R), who was running for a third term as Westchester County Executive. The unofficial tally was Latimer 121,467, Astorino 93,108.

Catherine Parker (D), running for a third time on the County Board of Legislators, handily defeated challenger Norman Rosenblum (R), with 66% of the votes, or 10,316 to 5,289.

Both Latimer and Parker began their political careers on the Rye City Council, and Rye voters came out in their support.

The Democratic slate for City Council swept their Republican opponents. Josh Cohn won 61% of the vote for Mayor, besting incumbent Joe Sack (R) by an unofficial vote of 2,829 to 1,787. Cohn’s teammates, Sara Goddard, Julie Souza, and Ben Stacks, and Julie Souza won by the same percentage, and garnered 2,894, 2,748, and 2,708, respectively. Their opponents, Terry McCartney, Elizabeth Parks, and Susan Watson, respectively received 1,787, 1,726, and 1,664 votes.

At Rye Democratic campaign headquarters (Rosemary and Vine) on Election Night, and before the returns were called in, Cohn repeated a comment he’d made on the campaign trail: if he won election, he wanted his team to be elected along with him. He ran with them and for Rye.

When the phone started ringing, Councilmembers Emily Hurd and Danielle Tagger-Epstein, both Democrats, took the calls. It was hard to hear which of Rye’s 14 districts were reporting in, but it was clear that turnout was high, especially for a non-Presidential election year, and that the night belonged to the Democrats.

Mayor Sack, Councilman McCartney, and fellow candidates Elizabeth Parks and Susan Watson came over from their headquarters (Rye Roadhouse) to congratulate their opponents and wish them well.

Councilmembers Danielle Tagger-Epstein and Emily Hurd announcing the local election results

Robin and George Latimer


Councilmembers-Elect Ben Stacks, Sara Goddard, Josh Cohn, and Julie Souza

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