3/17: Two children came to HQ to report that high school students in car asked them if they wanted cocaine, near BPR/Central Avenue. Patrol notified via BOLO.

3/20: Ministry of Silly Walks? Suspicious person. Male wearing black clothing observed walking northbound, Forest Avenue. Was Grapal Street resident out for a walk.

3/19: Unshoveled sidewalk reported, Grace Church Street. Summons issued.

3/19: Sick raccoon wandering Hill Street/Vale Place area.

3/19: Found dog wandering Grandview Avenue. “Hoxie” reunited with owner.

3/19: Flurry. Dozen snow ordinance violations. Summonses issued, 4-5 a.m., everywhere.

3/19: Suspicious persons. Male/female in blue van on private dead-end, Pine Lane. GOA.

3/18: Hat trick. Illegally parked vehicle, Purchase Street/West Purdy Avenue. Summons issued, impounded, towed.

3/18: Raccoon struck by vehicle, Fairlawn Street. Dispatched.

3/18: Cry if I want to. Noise complaint, Pondview Road, 11:07 p.m. Large group of kids. When parents arrived home, requested couple of kids to leave premises. Party terminated prior to officers’ arrival.

3/17: Pile of garbage left out week before pickup, Chestnut Street/Orchard Avenue. Party stated he would remove garbage.

3/17: Double hat trick. PEO wrote six parking tickets, Purchase Street/Highland Road area.

3/17: Not proficient. School buses double-parked, blocking traffic, BPR/Parsons Street.

3/17: Hit-and-run. Caller stated she witnessed blue Toyota Sienna hit parked car in front of 2 Purchase Street. Noted license plate.

3/17: Open manhole reported. Located at closed section, Rye Beach Avenue by Redfield and Playland pool parking lot.

3/16: Truck parked too close to Davis/Manursing avenues intersection. Summons issued.

3/16: Caller stated sidewalks along BPR at Sonn Drive/Oakland Beach Avenue had not been shoveled. Resident complied, agreed to have someone clear that morning.

3/16: Dangerous icy sidewalks reported, Apawamis/Midland avenues.

3/16: J’accuse! Caller stated Grace Church Street homeowner had not cleared sidewalks. Was not yet 24 hours after snow as stated in City Code.

3/16: Deer reported on grassy area between WESTMED, Playland Parkway. GOA.

3/16: Never mind. Sergeant observed MVA in which Jeep sideswiped parked, unoccupied Civic. While speaking with driver of Jeep, driver of Civic got into car, drove away. No report taken at time since Civic left scene.

3/15: Cottage Street caller yelling for help. Dispute settled on scene. Verbal argument regarding commercial vehicle parked on private property.

3/15: Suspicious person. Caller stated individual was stopping traffic, BPR/Parsons Street. Older white male with camping backpack, long winter jacket, yelling at cars, kids. Checked area. Unfounded.

3/15: Man yelling, screaming, punching his dark blue BMW. Upset about lost wallet. Wallet found, pedigree taken.

3/15: Vehicle drove off road, hit snow bank, Hammond Road/Theodore Fremd Avenue.

3/14: Assist citizen. Dispute reported between DPW worker and homeowner, Boulder/Stonycrest roads. No dispute found.

3/14: Two incidents regarding contractors plowing snow onto another resident’s property or into City roadway, Theodore Fremd Avenue, Milton Road.

3/14: Dangerous icy condition reported, BPR/Oakland Beach Avenue.

3/13: Suspicious Vehicle, Old Post Road. Operator stated he and other party worked for Silhouette Security Company 6 p.m.-4 a.m. Additional passenger was along for the ride.

3/13: Abandoned vehicle towed from Nursery Lane.

3/12: Rules of the Road, BPR/Osborn Road. Motorist passed all field sobriety tests. Stated he was diabetic. Warning issued. Vehicle towed for safekeeping.

3/12: Marriott management stated room 142 was notified of making unwanted noise. Spoke with occupants, final warning, they would be asked to leave if officers had to come back.

3/12: Odor of gas reported, Rye Mall Area, Purchase Street. RFD on scene, Con Ed notified.

3/12: Rules of the Road. Window tint, clear directional signals, driving left of pavement markings. Warning issued.

3/11: City Code violation. Construction noise. Spoke to contractor, first day on job. Was not told about Saturday code.

3/11: Black vehicle, tinted windows idling for more than 15 minutes, playing loud music, Orchard Avenue, 5 p.m. Canvassed area, negative results.

3/10: Lock and roll. Harassment. Party stated her handyman had placed lock on her North Street garage and refused to give her key or unlock same.

3/10: Possibly disabled male reported flagging people down, Old Post Road. Provided courtesy transport for lost person.

3/9: Harding Drive party unable to locate babysitter, daughter, 12:28 p.m. Supposed to be home by 10:45 a.m. Both parties returned home unharmed.

3/9: Hit and run. Walk-in stated someone hit their driver’s side mirror one day prior, Osborn/Theall roads.

3/9: March Madness. Silver vehicle reported parked in dead end with loud music, Pondview Road/Sharon Lane. Parties checked out, live locally. Were playing basketball.

3/7: Google dog? Brevoort Lane dog walks around neighborhood without its owner but never causes harm to anyone walking past.

3/7: Motor vehicle stolen from Station Plaza area under US-1 bridge.

3/7: Hot ticket. Summonses issued to vehicles illegally parked, RFD lot.

3/7: Black sedan reported operating in hazardous manner, Playland Parkway. Crossing double lines, stopping for no apparent reason.

3/6: Dawn patrol. DPW worker found wallet on Purchase Street at approximately 5 a.m. Found business with same last name as ID in wallet. Called, left message.

3/6: Raccoon in Purchase Street shop basement. Animal trapper notified. Owner notified that he will have to pay for the service.

3/6: Caller reported suspicious vehicle parked in Midland pick up area. Seemed out of place. Checked area, nothing out of place.

3/6: Coolidge Avenue caller reported possibly rabid raccoon on his property. Advised to call animal trapper at his expense.

3/6: Injured deer by bend in roadway, Bradford Avenue/Henry Street. Animal deceased. Report to DPW in morning.

3/5: Towards Blind Brook? Highland Hall caller reported raccoon in courtyard. Raccoon blind, not rabid. Animal escorted off property.

3/5: Caller reported open garage door, sound of running water coming from vacant house. Pipes indoors cracked, water leaked into basement and garage. No sign of forced entry. Chester Drive.

3/4: Station Plaza. MTA conductor wanted passenger off train for interfering with her duties. Did not want to press charges at that time. MTA police on


3/4: Fix that fence! Youths reported on railroad tracks behind 99 Purchase Street. Youths fled upon arrival.

3/4: Alleged sick raccoon in tree, Midland South field. Animal dispatched.

3/4: Youths playing in roadway on scooters, disrupting traffic, Apawamis/Midland avenues.

3/4: Health/Safety hazard. Stanley Steamer working in Car Park 2 area, dumping water waste into parking lot and it was freezing, creating safety issue. Party stopped upon arrival and cleaned up icy roadway.

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