7/3: Bad fit. Purchase Street clothing store manager stated angry customer knocked over racks, mannequins, left store, got into red Ford Focus. Noted plate number. Negative results on canvas.

7/5: Suspicious vehicle parked on Dearborn Avenue. Towed to yard by Hannigan’s.

7/4: Rules of the Load. Inadequate rear license plate lamp, overload of passengers in vehicle obstructing driver’s rear view, Hewlett Avenue. Summons issued.

7/4: Injured or rabid raccoon observed in middle of southbound traffic lane, Forest Avenue/Eve Lane. Animal retreated into storm drain.

7/4: Glad he cleared that up. Accidental damage, Wappanocca Avenue. Caller stated there was no damage to his window from unknown cause.

7/4: Rules of the Road, Hook Road/Forest Avenue. Unlicensed operator. Vehicle towed.

7/4: Rules of the Sea. Vessel boarding. Warning issued to Rye registered boat for bow riding.

7/4: Lapse-adaisical. Rules of the Road. Registration suspended due to insurance lapse. Summons issued.

7/4: Assisted Rye resident with extinguishing small fire in the marshland, Milton Harbor.

7/4: Twilight’s last gleaming. Report of fireworks in the area of Highland Road/Wappanocca Avenue, 9:49 p.m.

7/3: Female operator issued verbal warning about parking beyond 1-hour after sunset, Rye Town Dock, 2:45 a.m.

7/3: “Lullaby and goodnight…” Black Acura with CT plates reported running for over an hour with party sleeping inside, Fairlawn Street. Driver felt very tired, pulled over. Escorted to Nursery Field to rest up.

7/3: Unknown vehicle accidentally struck edge of Sonn Drive garage, broke a window. Did not appear to be malicious.

7/3: Quarante en Trente. Rules of the Road. Operator being warned for speeding at 40 m.p.h. in 30 zone on Forest Avenue presented foreign driver’s license with no International Permit. Vehicle displayed expired transit permit. Valid registration. Warning issued for improper plate display.

7/3: Criminal mischief. Contractor stated hose at McCullough Place property had been cut twice.

7/3: Burt? AYC caller stated they saw swimmer about 100 yards from shore headed to open water alone. Party tried to make contact with no luck. Manager stated swimmer had returned to shore.

7/3: Caller reported black Toyota driving erratically, BPR/Purdy Avenue. Ongoing issue with driver. Multiple driver reviews completed. Driver not drunk. Warning issued.

7/3: Stern warning. Vessel boarding, Milton Harbor. Warning issued for no stern light.

7/3: Pow! Loud bang reported, power outage, 11:47 p.m. Elm Place/Theodore Fremd Avenue.

7/2: Shocking! Complainant stated there was illegal beach parking in area of Dearborn Avenue. Summonses issued.

7/2: Aside from that, all okay. Vessel boarding, Port Chester Harbor. No registration number affixed, expired Marine registry. Summons issued. Warning issued for no sound device aboard.

7/2: Hasty-Boy? Caller reported recliner in front of adjacent Theodore Fremd property more than 24 hours before bulk pick-up.

7/1: Westchester County PD requested assistance with Bee Line bus stopped at Milton Road/Playland Parkway intersection with party assaulting child on bus. Backed up.

7/1: Minor explosion reported, possibly transformer, Elm Place/Theodore Fremd Avenue, 8:15 p.m.

6/30: Game Knicksed. Parties reported playing basketball at Rye Rec, 12:42 a.m. Advised to leave.

6/30: Criminal mischief. Windshield on construction vehicle reported being shot out by pellet gun, North Street/Old Post Road.

6/30: Pine-Sol. Caller reported solicitors going door-to-door on private road, Pine Island. Party advised he could no longer solicit without permit. On his way home.

6/30: Caller reported dispute with mechanic, Midland Avenue. Would like to speak with officer.

6/30: Caller reported black SUV occupied by two males, possibly doing drugs by garages behind Central Avenue building, 10:43 p.m.

6/29: Suspicious male, medium build wearing dark clothing, acting in odd manner in vicinity of Rye Arts Center. No one fitting description in the area.

6/29: Cellfish. Female stated she was being yelled at by construction worker, North Street/Old Post Road. No female complainant on scene. Construction crew said woman pulled out in way of traffic while on her cell phone, causing roadblock, would not move.

6/29: Viewed video footage for evidence in Mead Place larceny from vehicle. Negative results.

6/29: Received call from AYC employee who advised child had fallen off paddle board between AYC beach and Sound and was in distress. Marine unit began search towards Parsonage Point, hailed employee for description of child. Determined they were looking for orange/yellow wind surfer with blue wetsuit. Noticed windsurfer fitting description a mile off point. Made contact. Not in distress.


5/15: Probably off-Key too. Noise complaint. Party reported people were singing National Anthem over and over again for four hours the past few nights, Osborn Road/Court.

5/22: Late snack. Suspicious person, Greenhaven beach, 1 a.m. Was Greenhaven Association member with two guests. Advised to leave after cleaning up their food.

5/21: Occupied vehicles parked, 2:15 a.m, Rye Town Park. Summonses issued.

5/21: Sound of person yelling on Harbor Lane near Barlow Lane. Observed male on scooter, identified as resident going to friend’s house.

5/21: Well, almost never. Caller reported suspicious male sleeping in Citibank.

5/21: Never! Construction on Sunday, Manursing Way. Warning issued.

5/21: Criminal mischief, damage to car, Walnut Street. Door appeared to have been keyed.

5/21: Multiple reports of youths starting a fire at Marshlands. Assisted RFD with equipment transport to fire site with ATV.

5/20: Loud drum beat reported, Forest/Oakland Beach avenues. All quiet upon arrival.

5/20: Leaf blowers reported near Milton Road. Exemption for Rye High School property.

5/20: Construction after hours, Rosemere Street. Summons issued.

5/20: Two males in dark clothing with backpacks reported walking on I-95. While en route to call, encountered reckless driver. Vehicle towed. Area checked for two youths.

5/20: Loud party, possible fighting reported, Greenhaven Road. ABC violation written.

5/19: Long-distance charges. Complainant stated he believed someone was following him while running for cross-country training, near Nugent Field and he was frightened. Stated gray Prius was stopping in roadway every so often. Driver said he was not chasing anyone. Complainant given courtesy transport to his residence.

5/19: Tis the season. Beach area parking complaint, Dearborn Avenue/Jean Street. Summons issued.

5/19: Small group of youths dispersed from Rye Town Park parking lot. Were acting out, 9 p.m.

5/18: Cab driver reported a fare fell out of cab on Milton Road, hit his head. Unit dispatched to aid.

5/18: Twenty-year-old female passed out, Oakland Beach. Second female, 18, also found vomiting, passing out. Both transported to White Plains Hospital.

5/17: Noise complaint, Beverly Drive. Area quiet upon arrival. Spoke to party near Parkway Drive, advised to keep any potential noise down.

5/17: Leaf blower violation, Billington Court. Summons issued.

5/16: Dog off leash, Rye Town Park. Summons issued.

5/16: Attention grabber. Resident putting large pile of branches, leaves in roadway, Mead Place. Nobody answered door. Parking ticket issued, car parked more than 12 inches from curb.

5/15: Vehicle parked six hours in 1-hour zone in front of Town Dock, Purdy Avenue. Summons issued.

5/14: Night moves. Suspicious white BMW reported, Anchor Drive/Rye Road. Parked in area every night around 10 p.m. GOA.

5/13: Sound Road caller stated she thought someone may have attempted to enter one of her doors overnight.

5/13: Highland Road caller stated unknown party entered her vehicle in parking lot and caused damage.

5/13: Haven Avenue caller stated she heard a baby crying and felt it needed to be investigated. Noise was coming from cat, not baby.

5/13: Someone cashed a fake check in the amount of $80,000. Locust Avenue. Sworn statement taken.

5/13: Caller stated party in blue truck was walking on her Elizabeth Street property. When confronted, he stated he worked for Google maps. GOA.

5/13: RowAmerica vehicles reported parking on Milton Road in violation of seasonal parking restrictions.

6/15: Bow-woe! Summit Avenue complainant stated two dogs in neighboring backyard had been barking nonstop for approximately two hours. Court summons issued.

6/16: City Code violation, early construction, 7:14 a.m., Hill Street. Warning issued.

6/16: Suspicious person. Chester Drive caller stated a male who appeared to be of Indian descent, standing in front of her property. GOA.

6/16: Leaf blowers in use, Dearborn Avenue. Summons issued.

6/15: Rye Town perk. Caller stated she was locked in Rye Town Park parking lot, 1:10 a.m., needed assistance. Sergeant in possession of key, opened gate to allow exit.

6/15: Criminal mischief done to hoses, multiple electrical cords unplugged from power source, Red Oak Drive.

6/15: Caller reported suspicious male entered Christ’s Church building, 60s, white shirt/black pants, sneakers, heading south on US-1.

6/15: Caller reported missing manhole cover, Maple Avenue/North Street. Situation corrected.

6/15: Bicycle taken from Eve Lane property.

6/15: Neighborhood trouble, Forest/Dearborn avenues. Large group of teens reported ringing doorbells, shouting profanities, 10:22 p.m.

6/15: Loud party reported, Harding Drive/LaSalle Avenue, 11 p.m. Homeowner advised to bring party indoors, music shut down.

6/14: Caller reported her friend had left Coveleigh Club at approximately 1 p.m. Stated she would be at Y gym until closing. None of her friends had heard from her by 12:30 a.m. and were concerned. Party returned home at 1:30 a.m. without incident.

6/14: Neutral zone. Vessel in distress. Assistance requested in area of buoy 36. Owner stated forward gear not working. Vessel towed.

6/14: Young girl reported hiding behind tree because she was being chased by white/beige van with blonde-haired man in it.

6/14: Dragnet. Youths moving basketball hoop into Beverly Drive creating hazard. Base extremely heavy, unable to move alone. DPW notified.

6/13: Neighborhood trouble. Intoxicated party reported near Rye Town Park.

6/13: Walk-in reported identity theft.

6/13: Offensive foul. Caller reported hitting basketball hoop with his vehicle, Newberry Place/Oakland Beach Avenue.

6/13: Suspicious person, Clinton Avenue. Male reported exposing himself. Spoke with subject who stated he was just changing his shirt. Complainant confirmed story.

6/12: Large coyote running in roadway, 7 a.m., Chester Drive/Douglas Circle.

6/12: Caller reported large turtle he felt would be a danger to pedestrians, Highland Road/Mendota Avenue.

6/12: Marriott Courtyard guest complaining about terrorist activity, also called 911 twice with no emergency. Detectives on scene.

6/12: Disorderly conduct. Caller requested police take ride through Rye Town Park due to dispute. Parties separated and on their way.

6/12: Beach bummer. Caller stated several vehicles parked illegally, Rye Beach Avenue. Summonses issued.

6/12: Cars reported parked on Redfield Avenue in violation of beach parking rules. Summonses issued.

6/12: On hold. Caller stated his mother-in-law’s phone was off hook for several hours. Requested welfare check. Party stated she would call him back when she found her phone. Declined help in finding same.

6/11: Caller stated male wearing red T-shirt, around 45 years-old was committing a lewd act in gazebo by library. She further stated she had pictures of act. Did not observe party making any kind of lewd gestures or motions. Stated he just had an itch. Picture showed nothing more than what officer observed. Caller unwilling to make sworn statement.

6/11: Multiple cars parked in violation of beach ordinance, Dearborn Avenue/Newberry Place.

6/11: Time for name change? Marine unit responded to report of yellow vessel named “No Surrender” speeding in the harbor. Boarding conducted, warning issued.

6/11: Norman Drive caller returned home, finding rear door wide open. Stated she may have had a burglary. Caller left home in a rush, could not remember if she had closed/locked door. No marks or apparent tampering, no sign of ransacking. Advised incident showed no signs of burglary.

6/10: White Birch Drive complainant stated his neighbor’s dog constantly defecates in his yard, runs around unleashed scaring young kids in neighborhood. Informed owner of the City Code.

6/10: Complainant stated party in his 60s wearing baseball cap, blue jeans, blue jacket with cane and bottle making obscene gestures/comments, Milton Road/Oakland Beach Avenue. Spoke with party. Advised him he fit description of man making rude comments to ladies going by. New Rochelle man stated he only gave directions to one lady, and he was going to Playland.

6/10: Party reported mother with young child intoxicated at Rye Town Park bar intended on driving home. All parties GOA.

6/10: Grab-n-go. Caller reported larceny from CVS. Party just walked into store, grabbed bunch of items off shelf, fled scene in white Nissan.

6/10: Noise complaint. Caller stated youths drinking, Frederick Court. Canvassed area, negative results.

6/9: Manursing Way caller stated there was construction noise prior to 7:30 a.m. Transport vehicle loading backhoe, completed upon officer’s arrival, 6:37 a.m.

6/9: Report of sick, skinny raccoon coming out of lot by Hewlett Avenue/Milton Road. Did not appear sick. Ran back into woods.

6/9: Shady character. Party reported his Ray-Ban sunglasses were stolen from him at Mobil gas station while he was paying. Video shows other party placing his sunglasses in his pocket.

6/9: Grace Church Street caller stated unknown male on her property. Complainant reported male with buzz cut had possibly followed his daughter, wife home after they were out walking dogs. Male later observed at residence, resembled male they passed while walking dogs.

6/8: Male reported sleeping in Citibank lobby. Party left premise without incident.


4/20: Wheely lucky. Youths reported inside closed skate park, RAC, 4:30 p.m. Kids were 8 and 11. Spoke to them about following rules in the park. Stated they would in future.

5/1: Mayday! Leaf blower in use, Grace Church Street. Summons issued, ban began May 1.

5/1: Scofflaw, abandoned moped with several summonses on it over two-week period. . Towed by Vincent’s.

5/1: Leaf blowers, Guelisten Place. Warning issued.

5/1: Get in line. Complainant called regarding parking spaces being reserved for construction vehicles, dumpster, Elm Place/Purchase Street.

5/1: Suspicious vehicle, Griffon Place/Oakland Beach Avenue. Male/female going through people’s garbage, reportedly using maroon 4-door sedan. Were picking up recycling.

5/1: Ouch, last day of enforcement. Sprinkler system in use, Florence Avenue. Summons issued.

5/1: Gas line cut by Con Ed work crew. Area shut down. North Street/Hammond Road area evacuated. Assisted Con Ed with pedestrian traffic.

5/1: Third party caller reported Citibank cleaning crew afraid to leave bank due to unknown party lingering in ATM vestibule. Party removed.

4/30: Caller stated young woman with blonde hair, wearing all black wandering along near Glendale Road/Locust Avenue. GOA.

4/30: Man passed out on sidewalk near Al Dente restaurant, Elm Place. Semi-conscious male, aken to Greenwich Hospital.

4/30: Construction reported on Sunday, Apawamis Avenue. Noise was coming from crew power-washing deck. No City Code prohibits that.

4/30: Re-leash the hound. Dog complaint. Coonhound chasing battery- operated cars, Maple Avenue. Resident advised of neighbor complaint. Promised to shut down cars.

4/30: Creative approach. Neighbor dispute, Hillcrest Lane. Parties decided they were not going to interact with each other again.

4/30: Dogs reported barking all day, Brevoort Lane. Spoke with homeowner, who put dogs inside.

4/29: Gray Suburban reported missing from Stuyvesant Avenue home. In possession of family member.

4/29: From Anonymous Tip Line: 1) Party was driving to home on Barberry Lane when kids threw a beer can at vehicle. Appeared to be loud party on street, 10:43 p.m.; 2) Barberry Lane resident trying to put children to sleep. Huge noise disturbance coming from a few houses down, 11:06 p.m.

4/28: Grace Church Street caller reported person in front of his house possibly intoxicated. Subject was standing outside waiting for a taxi. Situation corrected.

4/27: Sick raccoon stumbling around Grace Church Street driveway. Raccoon disposed, homeowner to handle the rest.

4/27: PossiblY sick raccoon, Gramercy Court. Baby hiding in bushes, did not appear to be sick. No apparent risk.

4/27: Smell of gas, Hughes Avenue. Gas shut off, turned over to Con Ed.

4/27: Loud group of youths reported in area of Lindbergh Avenue.

4/26: Rolls of the Road. Operator failed to come to complete stop, rolled through slightly after vehicle in front, Highland Road/Wappanocca Avenue. Warning issued.

4/26: Hit-and-none. Party reported MVA, Car park #4. Believed car was scratched in hit-and-run, but was just dirt on vehicle.

4/25: Complaint regarding speeding on Stuyvesant Avenue. No violations observed.

4/25: Mind the gap. Caller stated metal plate on North Street was sticking up from ground and might cause vehicle damage. Four-inch gap between metal plate and road surface. Desk notified to contact DPW or company in charge. Cone placed at hazard.

4/25: Hit-and-run reported, Purdy Avenue/First Street. Vehicle last seen headed on First towards Station Plaza.

4/23: Suspicious vehicle, Cedar/Purchase streets, 2:59 a.m. Vehicle running with lights on, seat laid back. Upon approach, driver was sleeping in vehicle. Stated he had been drinking.

4/23: And then there were none. Multiple leaf blowers reported, Holly Lane.

4/23: Complaint of dog barking all day, Locust/Maple avenues.

4/23: Suspicious persons, Bradford Avenue bridge, 5:30 p.m. Caller stated two men wearing dark jackets, possibly carrying bow and arrow passed through her backyard, proceeded to footbridge. GOA.

4/23: Larceny. Vehicle in YMCA parking lot broken into and items removed, 4:25 p.m.

4/22: Suspicious white van reported in front of Kirby Lane residence. Expired inspection. Summons issued.

4/22: Marriott staff requested assistance with adult party in lobby not controlling their children after being advised. Situation resolved.

4/21: North Street party stated he and his employee had verbal dispute, requested police assistance.

4/21: Dog complaint. Brookdale Place caller stated her husband was bitten by dog. Dog owner was in big black truck, wearing black pants.

4/20: Caller stated unknown woman in black Toyota had been parked on Rye Road for a while. Party checked out. Neighbor’s employee, pulled over while on phone, waiting to go to work.

4/20: Vehicle window broken, possible airbag theft, Depot Plaza.

4/19: Reoccurring violation of leaf blower code, Manursing Avenue. Warning issued.

4/19: Gray Acura reported driving wrong way on Playland Parkway towards the park. GOA.

4/18: Scofflaw, Highland Road/Wappanocca Avenue. Summons issued, vehicle towed.


5/31: Three-point explanation. Complainant stated someone was playing basketball on Rye Rec court, Midland Avenue, 12:25 a.m. Informed party Rye Rec hours were until dusk (when the sun goes down). He then left the premise.

6/6: Caller stated he saw a coyote crossing Playland Parkway, then saw several heading into the woods between Milton Road and Midland Avenue.

6/5: Sensible solution. Chairs in roadway, Purchase Street/Wappanocca Avenue. Moved out of roadway.

6/5: Tree company truck blocking roadway, Sand Street/Milton Road. Warning issued, truck moved immediately.

6/5: Port tacky. Failure to signal left turn, Stuyvesant/Van Wagenen avenues. Summons issued.

6/5: Party stated there was older man in suspicious Lincoln, stopped by side of road near Midland Avenue/Sylvan Place. Male with family returning from Playland, stopped by side of road. No violations.

6/5: Purse reported stolen from Fernwood Avenue home. Purse found inside locked garage.

6/4: Female, possibly intoxicated, reported leaning against Patisserie Salzburg wall. Officer spoke with woman who stated she was waiting for her Uber and was okay. Had her sit on ledge. She played on her phone until picked up.

6/4: One ringy-dingy. Caller stated he lost his dingy. White, 8-foot Walker Bay. Caller advised that New Rochelle Marine Unit reported it recovered previous day.

6/4: Anonymous caller reported man sleeping in September 11 Memorial Gazebo. Party identified himself and went on his way.

6/3: Group of five youths on bikes, dressed in black with backpacks reported acting suspiciously in area of Barlow Lane/BPR, 12:15 a.m. Parties checked out.

6/3: Long walk home, Gomer. Walk-in produced suspended NY license after stating he drove his friend to HQ to pick up his car.

6/3: Neighborhood trouble. Kids playing in roadway, Davis/Manursing avenues. Ongoing problem. Spoke with children, who said they would move into driveway.

6/3: Trunk call. Caller stated he saw black Lincoln stop at light, Purchase Street/Theodore Fremd Avenue intersection. Car was full of girls. Stated she saw trunk bounce and was afraid there was a person inside. Canvassed area, negative results.

6/3: Performance art. General alarm activation, Osborn School, 10:15 p.m. Key holder on scene, exterior secure. Determined a piece of art fell off wall.

6/3: Caller stated a loud party near Hunter/Sunset lanes was keeping her children awake; second caller stated there was loud music disturbing her peace near Stuyvesant Avenue. Both parties shutting down upon arrival.

6/2: Your geese is as good as…Complaint of possible hunters in water, caller not sure where sound was coming from. Spoke with party in Greenhaven Beach area, stated shots probably coming from AYC across harbor, usually four-five shots to scare geese away.

6/1: Snooze alarm. City Code violation, Noise ordinance. Landscaping company using loud mower on Theodore Fremd property, 6:51 a.m. Advised to stop work until 7:30 a.m.

6/1: FedEx driver reported being bitten by dog, Fenton Street. Statement obtained, unable to contact dog owner.

5/30: Coyote reported running across street, Blind Brook Lane/Wappanocca Avenue, 7:57 a.m.

5/30: Suspicious persons. Caller stated three males wearing black pants/shirts/backpacks were walking through Station Plaza near Rye Grill & Bar, trying vehicle door handles. Information taken on all parties checked out.

5/31: Leaf blowers in use, Overdale Avenue. Summons issued.

5/30: “To sleep, perchance to dream.” Milton Road resident reported suspicious vehicle outside his house. Stratford, Connecticut driver fell asleep after getting lost.

5/29: Motorist stated group of youths wearing Playland uniforms were walking in middle of road near Fireman’s Monument. Refused to walk on sidewalk. Area checked, no pedestrians in roadway.

5/28: Will driverless cabs just hit “Eject”? Uber driver requested assistance waking passenger at HQ. Party awakened, returned home.

5/28: Rotten apple. Vehicle reported parked in dangerous spot, Orchard Lane. Summons issued.

5/28: Marine unit stopped RowAmerica shell that did not have chase boat in harbor. Crew made to terminate voyage.

5/28: Young caller reported older heavyset male stopped his silver Toyota in BPR/Osborn Road area, asked if he needed ride as he opened car door. Vehicle GOA.

5/27: Dog off leash, Rye Town Park. Summons issued.

5/26: Dock, dock loose? Abandoned duck blind found tied to dock in Milton Harbor, 12:15 p.m.. Mamaroneck owner said he would remove by end of day.

5/26: Slashed tires reported, Dearborn Avenue. Appeared as though vehicle had run over nail or screw.

4/13: Reveille. Milton Harbor House manager reported RowAmericaRye had been using megaphones in early morning, waking residents. Spoke with RAR director to correct problem.

4/17: YELL-O! Male wearing pink shirt, jeans yelling in Station Plaza. Upon further investigation, party was Face-timing on cell phone.

4/16: Grace Church Street caller stated he was hearing loud noises. Source of noise coming from neighboring home. Warning issued.

4/16: Beat it. Van Buren Street caller stated bass sound coming from Milton Road area. Corridor quiet, faint bass thump heard in distance across Marina waters.

4/16: Suspicious vehicle, Rye Town Dock, 2 a.m. Driver identified, friends hanging out. Advised about after-dark parking restrictions. Warning issued.

4/16: Brevoort Lane caller stated she heard gunshots, possibly duck hunters or AYC skeet shooters. Spoke to AYC attendant stated he heard loud bangs but it was unclear where noise was coming from. Canvassed Greenhaven beach area. No further complaints.

4/16: MVA, single car ran into City tree, possible injuries reported by passerby.

4/15: Multiple leaf blowers reported, Grace Church Street, 11 a.m. Warning issued.

4/15: Taxi reported at end of Rye Subaru, BPR, driver refusing to allow cars out of driveway. GOA.

4/15 Multiple leaf blowers reported, Grace Church Street, 1 p.m. Summons issued.

4/15: Starbucks manager reported solicitor refused to move away from front of store. Fourteen-year-old party advised he needed permit, would meet his manager for a ride.

4/15: Citizen Assist. “Optimum guy” reported on Purdy Avenue roof without permission. Spoke with both parties, situation resolved.

4/15: Medium height male wearing black shirt/pants with “crazy” haircut carrying plastic bin walking down Hall’s Lane. Summons issued, City Code violation, soliciting without permit.

4/15: The Trouble With Hairy. Suspicious person, Eve Lane. Heavy-set male with scraggly hair reported walking around neighborhood. Party was Forest Avenue resident taking a walk.

4/14: Illegally parked vehicle, overtime, Highland Road/Wappanocca Avenue.

4/14: Wake-up call. BPR caller stated alarm had been sounding for 24 hours from house to south side of his residence at construction site. Dumpster in driveway. Noise was carbon dioxide alarm left outside.

4/14: NY State Police reported residential lockout with infant involved, Devereux Court. RFD able to gain entry through unlocked basement window. Baby was okay.

4/14: When you just gotta go. Unoccupied Ford Explorer located in middle of Ford-Subaru lot, BPR, engine running, lights on, doors locked – unable to gain access. 12:17 a.m. Canvassed lot for suspicious activity, no results. Desk Sergeant attempted to make owner notification, left voicemail on cell phone.

4/13: Stealth tower, indeed. Vehicle stopped, hazard lights on, 1:30 a.m., Fireman’s Circle. Operator advised he was with AT&T, checking status on cell tower.

4/13: Chalking his beat. PEO marking tires hourly, Wappanocca Avenue/Highland Road. Summonses issued.

4/13: MVA, property damage, Elm Place/Purchase Street. Operator struck sharp new curb, sustained flat front passenger side tire. AAA on scene.

4/12: Complaint of multiple leaf blowers, Grace Church Street. Warning issued.

4/12: Caller requested unit in Harbor Lane area, revocation of bail. Bondsman apprehended the offender.

4/12: Caller stated she was attacked by dog on Playland Beach. WCPD notified.

4/11: Buoys will be … Milton Harbor channel, red # 4 buoy missing.

4/11: Right of Spring (and summer, fall, winter). Multiple leaf blowers, Woodland Drive. Summonses issued.

4/11: Notified by Port Chester PD of vehicles being entered at Rye Road. Observed video of male on bicycle attempting to enter two locked vehicles at 3:26 a.m. Entered Ford Escape, Detective Division notified.

4/10: Blimey. Homeowner reported his loaner Land Rover Discovery Sport was missing from his Winthrop Street driveway. Doors were unlocked, keys may have fallen out of his pocket into car. Unknown plate number. Investigation on scene.

4/10: Walk-in reported stolen handicap-accessible vehicle tag.

4/10: Second Winthrop Street caller reported items possibly missing from her vehicle.

4/10: Caller reported music from Rye Rec basketball courts as inappropriate in public around small children.

4/9: Marriott manager reported loud noise complaint. Parties asked to leave room upon manager request.

4/9: Lab results. Sanford Street caller stated her neighbor’s dog attacked her, possibly breaking skin. Language barrier. Party had four scratches. Other neighbors stated dog not from area. Party refused medical attention. Searched area for big, yellow Labrador acting wild, no results.

4/9: Baby coyote reported running between houses, Maple Avenue/High Street.

4/8: Suspicious male reported: balding, wearing camo shirt, black pants, with bulging pockets leaving Cowles Avenue driveway towards Apawamis Avenue. Identified, no offense committed, just going for walk.

4/7: Idle hands. Caller stated SUV idling in front of his Platt Lane residence. Car larcenies had occurred in area recently and caller said this is out of norm at 8:30 a.m. Parties were contractor flaggers for Con Ed waiting for crews to arrive.

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