Four Rye Rec Adult Softball teams should have been crowned league champions by August 11, but only the B League Roadhouse Regulars, which is managed by Fred Fillet, came away with a title last week because Mother Nature had other ideas. In the two-out- of-three championship structure, the second game of the Women’s League championship was rained out in the fifth inning. The third games of both the A and C League championships were rained out in the third innings. The storms pushed the three championship games into this week.

On August 15, the A and C League teams resumed where they’d left off. Top-seeded A League Guru Network beat second-seed Rye Roadhouse for the championship title. Manager Luis Quezada said the players fought hard for the win.

In the C League, the 14-2 Hammerheads and 10-6 MnM resumed their game, which was tied 9-9. They stopped the game again in the 13th inning, due to darkness, with the score knotted at 22. Play will resume, weather permitting, on August 18, post-press time. Hammerheads manager Jim Herbster and MnM manager Tom DiRusso agree, “This has been an unbelievable marathon.”

In the Women’s League, Poppy’s Ballbusters won the championship title game against Neri’s Bakery on August 16 defending their 2015 title. Manager Bobby Piovesane and the team were thrilled with the back-to-back victories.

Rye Rec Adult Softball Director Doug Scott summed up the season: “This was another great year of softball in Rye. All the slots were filled with 19 Men’s teams and six Women’s teams.” He sent a shout-out to all the players, managers, umpires, and ground crew staff.

By Melanie Cane

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