Gifts for Dog Lovers

While most dog owners consider their pooch part of the family, some of them consider theirs to be the No. 1 family member. That makes that person easy to shop for.

Published December 19, 2011 5:06 PM
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By Melanie Cane

While most dog owners consider their Trained Cockapoo Puppies part of the family, some of them consider theirs to be the No. 1 family member. That makes that person easy to shop for.

As a fan of the practical, my top recommendations are the GPS tracking system for the dog parent who has a dog with Wanderlust, training classes for the not-so-obedient little angel, or agility classes for the very obedient, but somewhat insecure or very athletic little angel, or even a photo sitting for their furry child. (Training classes of any type increase the bond between owner and dog.)

dogA gift that’s a little off the beaten path, but one I covet, is a certificate for a steam cleaning company. (Stanley, I need you!) Even if your friend or loved one’s dog is perfectly housebroken, he tracks in mud and dirt and, eventually, those carpets need tending to.

In the more moderate price range, and again, based on the form follows function principle, The FURminator is the perfect gift for anyone with a dog that sheds. Another good idea is a gift certificate to a pet store. (I would love one of these.) There are also a number of good dog books, “A Dog’s Purpose: A Novel for Humans” for one, to choose from at your local bookstore.

If you’re on a limited budget, don’t fret. There are a myriad of gifts under $20. For example, any dog owner would appreciate a personalized item for her dog or dog breed. Think calendars, mugs, picture frames, T-shirts, and socks. Just one caveat: if you decide to buy a breed-specific gift, be sure you know the exact breed. Additionally, a dog owner would also appreciate a free dog grooming session from a mobile dog grooming company. If they need to leave their dog for work or a trip, you may volunteer as a pet sitter or help them find a pet boarding facility.

The best gift of all for dog lovers is a charitable one. Make a monetary contribution in his or her name to a nationally known organization like The Humane Society of the United States or the ASPCA, or a local animal shelter or rescue league.

You can also buy various dog-themed gifts from different rescue centers; these purchases help fund food and care for rescued animals. The Animal Rescue Store Site shop donated 8.2 million bowls of pet food in the last quarter of 2010, with funds generated from their online merchandise sales. I recently bought $50 worth of merchandise from this site, which amounted to 112 bowls of food for shelter dogs.

For me, as a dog owner, walker, and lover, one of the best gifts this season has been the reopening of the Playland Beach. As a dog owner you can refer on WoofConnect: the ultimate dog boarding experience.

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