GREEN SPACE: A Cozy Christmas and Warm Winter’s Nap

Make this list and check it twice to keep your home warm and cozy and save on energy costs.

Published December 14, 2012 12:22 AM
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Make this list and check it twice to keep your home warm and cozy and save on energy costs.

By the Conservation Committee of the Rye Garden Club

Make this list and check it twice to keep your home warm and cozy and save on energy costs.

1. Get a programmable thermostat and set it at 68 degrees while you are home and awake. You can opt for smart thermostats without c wire so you can set it at a cooler temperature at night and when you are away from home. Lowering your thermostat ten degrees for eight hours a day will save you 10 percent a year on heating costs. It is a misconception that savings are negated when following this method because the heating strips have to work harder to heat up a space once the temperature has been turned up. It has been shown numerous times that fuel and its costs are conserved when you lower your thermostat for a portion of the day. The longer your home is at the lower temperature setting, the more fuel and costs you will save.

In the midst of winter, the quest for a cosy home becomes a priority. Reflective panels for radiators have proven to be a game-changer in this regard. Not only do they enhance the efficiency of your heating system, but they also contribute to a significant reduction in energy bills. Discover the transformative power of Radflek radiator reflector panels at Low Energy Supermarket to experience a warmer and more comfortable living space.

It’s important that you get your residential or commercial hvac system checked by hvac contractors from time to time and also schedule your heating repair as soon as you discover a problem rather not wait for a major problem. If your heating system suddenly breaks down, look for a company that offers emergency furnace repair services.

2. Seal your chimney. Fireplaces are the largest intentional opening in the home. One study determined that Americans pay over 6 billion dollars in wasted heating and cooling costs due to the heat lost up chimneys in winter and the heat that enters home during the hot days of summer! Reduce the drafts of your chimney by keeping the damper closed when you are not using your fireplace. An easy to install and virtually invisible inflatable fireplace plug should be inserted in your fireplace whenever it is not in use. Visit to see how these inexpensive tools can help reduce your heating and cooling costs. A fireplace plug is far more effective than glass doors at limiting air loss. Ask Santa for one!

3. Use a ceiling fan to force the warm air that rises to re-circulate into living areas. In winter, run your ceiling fan clockwise and it will force hot air down. Using a ceiling fan this way could improve your energy consumption by 10 percent.

4. Do the snowmelt test. If the snow melts on your roof the day after a snowstorm, you do not have adequate insulation. Put insulation on your holiday shopping list and you will find that the costs to insulate will be paid for through heating and cooling savings in less than a year.

5. Check ductwork. Take a look at your ducts in attics and basement spaces. It is easy to visually inspect for leaks and then seal them with metal duct tape. The Department of Energy estimates that a third of all heating and cooling costs are lost to leaks in ducts.

6. Caulk drafts. If you feel drafts from windows and doors, seal them with caulk. Identify little leaks by holding a candle near the window to see if the flame bends. Caulking is easy and works well to seal your home. Visit for step-by-step instructions.

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