It’s Game Time Folks!

It’s Game Time Folks! The “Game” — Rye vs. Harrison if you’re new in town — is set for Saturday, October 19, 11 a.m. at Harrison High School.

Published October 11, 2013 7:26 PM
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rye-har-editthum2It’s Game Time Folks!

The “Game” — Rye vs. Harrison if you’re new in town — is set for Saturday, October 19, 11 a.m. at Harrison High School.



“What does the Rye-Harrison game mean to you?”



“It’s a great tradition for the players and fans and overall community. I’m honored to get the opportunity to play in a game that’s so special.”
— Shane O’Malley, running back



“The Rye-Harrison game means a lot to me because it’s been ingrained for over seven decades. It means virtually the whole season because when people ask you about the football team, they always ask the pertinent question: ‘Did you beat Harrison?’ The Rye-Harrison competitive legacy couldn’t continue without the overwhelming support shown by both communities.”

— Conor Murphy, outside linebacker




“Growing up, every kid in Rye watched the Rye-Harrison game and everyone looked up to the football players and one day perhaps playing in the game. The game is always the biggest part of our season and great fun. That being said, we have an established goal, and it’s our job to reach that goal.”

— Andrew Livingston, quarterback




Mike Bruno, Coach:

“The Rye/Harrison game is an event you have to be a part of to truly understand and appreciate. The tradition dates back over 80 years. The week before the game is filled with luncheons, pep rallies, and school spirit.  “No matter what the records are coming in, you know both teams will play an excellent game. Hopefully, your team is on the winning end and you can take that plunge into the brook, because that feeling is priceless.”




Coach-BallDave Ball, Coach:

“My family has been in Rye for six generations. My dad, a 1944 RHS graduate, played against Harrison before graduating and heading off to Europe and the Battle of the Bulge.

All five of the kids in our family graduated from Rye High. I played against Harrison from 1970-72. I was lucky enough to play football in college (University of Richmond), and as time goes by, many of those athletic exploits are fading. However, every play from my Harrison games remains crystal clear.

“The rivalry is the best in the area and quintessentially American. In my opinion, both communities benefit from and revel in the camaraderie and school spirit that is generated. It also provides a focal point for alumni upon their return visits. Yes, the game has meaning for me.”




“It’s a huge rivalry and also a huge point of pride for our town. How we do against Harrison will be the defining moment of the season.”
— Chris Santangelo, wide receiver


Pre-Game Wrap-Up with Garr and Livingston

By Melanie Cane

Coach-GarrThe “Game” — Rye vs. Harrison if you’re new in town — is set for Saturday, October 19, 11 a.m. at Harrison High School. While the Garnets were more focused on their upcoming match-up against Sleepy Hollow, Coach Dino Garr and Quarterback Andrew Livingston found time to share some thoughts about the game everyone else in town is thinking about. This year is the 83rd in their long football rivalry.


1. What makes the Garnets the team to beat this year?
Andrew Livingston: We are much more consistent this year. We have maintained a high level of play both on offense and defense. And when it comes to crunch time we have made the right play at the right time.
Coach Dino Garr: Harrison has one loss and we have none. Realistically, though, the game is without a favorite.

2. Does playing on Harrison’s turf make a difference?
Livingston: I think any time you play on another team’s field there is a difference. But good teams have to play well regardless and we just have to go in there, do our job, and remain focused.
Garr: Of course. The home team always has the advantage. We just have to overcome that.


Andrew-Livingston3. How have the Garnets beaten thecompetition this year?
Livingston: We’ve been more balanced. I think our defense has been incredible and we have just been playing with more confidence. We have been making plays to win games that we did not make last year.
Garr: We’ve had a good mixture of passing and throwing. We’ve used our big scorers in big plays. We play a running and catching game.


4. Is there any special significance about this year’s game?
Livingston: Any time the Rye-Harrison game occurs when both teams are doing very well there is an added significance. That being said, we should not make this game bigger than it is. We can’t let hype get in the way of our goal.
Coach Garr: It has the same significance as always. Harrison is not in our league, so it doesn’t matter for sectionals, but it is a matter of community pride. That we lost last year is irrelevant. That was last year. This is this year. We beat our rival and our rival beats us. That’s the history.


5. How is the Huskies’ offense this year?
Livingston: Year in and year out, Harrison puts a very disciplined, and hard-working team on the field. They have the triple option they have every year, so that’s what we’re expecting regarding their offense. We’re expecting a close game and have to prepare for a hard-fought one against a very good, well coached team.
Coach Garr: It’s their typical V, with several backs that execute their plays extremely well.


6. What about the Huskies’ defense?
Andrew Livingston: Harrison’s defense is very solid. They have very good athletes and they attack the ball very well.
Coach Garr: Typical Harrison … big and strong.

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