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0:00 1/13 Unlucky. Rules of the road. Unregistered vehicle, BPR/Cedar Street. Summons issued, vehicle towed.   1/12 Caller reported loud group of youths in area […]

Published January 16, 2020 7:29 PM
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1/13 Unlucky. Rules of the road. Unregistered vehicle, BPR/Cedar Street. Summons issued, vehicle towed.


1/12 Caller reported loud group of youths in area of Manursing/Forest avenues, 12:44 a.m.


1/12 Downgrade. Marriott “concierge” reported noisy tenants, 2:25 a.m. Parties in room 338 were asked to disperse, return to their own rooms.


1/12 Caller stated he left his car overnight at Coolidge Avenue location, came back to find damage from what appeared to be another vehicle hitting it. Caller and owner were to get body shop estimate before making report.


1/12 False alarm, Forest Avenue residence, 1 p.m. Upon arrival, found rear doors of house wide open. While checking interior, rear door opened again, dog ran outside, barking near group of children laying in backyard. Officers succeeded in getting dog back inside residence.


1/11 Tail light out. Warning issued, BPR/Library Lane.


1/10 Heritage Lane caller reported big water leak coming from the street, 7:40 a.m.


1/10: Assisted citizen with getting moving truck into his Old Post Road driveway. Operator was unable to back into driveway due to legally parked vehicles around an island. He loaded in the roadway.


1/10 Party was outside Piazza Pizza for several hours. Caller from store did not want party lingering.


1/10 Bumper cars closed for season. Sanford Avenue resident reported 3-4 cars drag racing recklessly in Playland Park lot. Cars 18 and 14 dispatched. GOA.


1/10 That’s why they call it “Maxima”. Maple Avenue caller stated Nissan driver was playing extremely loud music. All quiet upon arrival. Located suspect vehicle in area, warned driver about appropriate noise levels in residential neighborhood.


1/9 DPW reported illegally parked vehicles on both sides of Florence Avenue. Traffic unable to get through. Warnings issued.


1/9 Locust Avenue complainant stated unknown party was walking around her property. Officer spoke to homeowner, neighbor. Was valid delivery person.


1/9 Caller stated party walked in front of his vehicle at Elm Place/Purchase Street and was not injured. Officers, EMS dispatched.


1/7 Curb repeal. Suspicious Vehicle. Checked out running, unoccupied NJ vehicle, Purchase Street/Theodore Fremd Avenue, 3:39 p.m. Party worked for nearby realtor. Advised not to idle.


1/7 Complainant stated tree chopping crew working near Milton/Palisade roads was blocking roadway with no flagmen, creating dangerous situation, 8:35 a.m. Officer spoke to workers, advised them they need flaggers if they block the road.


1/7 Camry calling. Caller stated Toyota drove through fence near Avon sign at Station Plaza. Unknown injuries.


1/7 Caller at Cedar/Purchase streets parking lot, underneath underpass, stated she found black Labrador. Dog returned to Highland Road owner.


1/6 Walk-in reported wallet lost on Oakland Beach Avenue.


1/6 Caller reported two youths playing near tracks by Locust Avenue, 4:22 p.m. Officer spoke to youths who advised they were just sitting in area of overpass, not near railroad tracks. No mischievous activities observed.


1/6 Vehicle parked with left wheel to curb, improperly displayed license plate, Elm Place/Purchase Street. Summons issued.


1/6 Complainant stated vehicle with unknown occupants parked in Apawamis Club lot, might be doing drugs and were causing noise. Couple were just hanging out, having conversation.




1/4 Would you like to rate that knock? Stuyvesant Avenue caller stated unknown person was banging on their door, 2:35 a.m. Young man dropped off by Uber at the location instead of home address on Forest Avenue.


1/4 Caller reported hearing woman screaming in area between Playland and Rye Town Park, 7:06 a.m. Noise appeared to be coming from kids in the area for ice skating.


1/4 North Street complainant reported her Social Security card lost.


1/4 Burglary reported at BPR residence, entry through window.


1/4 Drive in deep rough. Criminal mischief. Complainant stated someone keyed her car while parked at Rye Golf Club.


1/3 Walk-in wanted to file statement regarding dog bite that occurred previous day at Rye Town Park.


1/3 Vehicle parked illegally on northbound side of Theodore Fremd with suspended registration for lack of insurance. Also parked with passenger tire on curb. Summons issued.


1/2 Fraud. Verizon shop reported two young males had presented false identification in attempt to open account.

1/1 Ryan Seacrest syndrome. Caller reported loud group screaming obscenities, Intervale Place/Midland Avenue, 4:49 a.m.

1/1 Jenny McCarthy syndrome. Caller reported electrical junction box connected to Tiki Bar leaning and flames shooting out. County PD, RFD dispatched.

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