Polce Blotter: 10/20/17

0:00 10/13: Can-do attitude. State Police requested response to garbage can reported on I-95 South. Can was off shoulder next to barrier in passing lane. […]

Published October 24, 2017 12:06 AM
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10/13: Can-do attitude. State Police requested response to garbage can reported on I-95 South. Can was off shoulder next to barrier in passing lane. Did not pose any immediate danger, but unable to remove due to heavy traffic.

10/16: Broken glass, Cottage Street, in area of glass store. DPW to be informed in morning.

10/15: Tow for the Road. Disabled box truck, Locust Avenue/Purchase Street. Towed.

10/15: Welcome mat. Suspicious person. Balding Asian male in his 40s reported taking pictures of houses in BPR/Bradford Avenue. Spoke with party through daughter who translated. Party is new to area, just wanted to see the neighborhood.

10/15: Suspicious person. Caller was concerned about a man was watching children from gray Mini Cooper parked in roadway, First Street/Purdy Avenue. Resident in vehicle was having conversation with other parents.

10/15: Vessel stopped for speeding in Port Chester Harbor. Summons issued.

10/15: Illegally parked vehicle, Allendale Drive/Oakland Beach Avenue. Summons issued, towed.

10/15: Got fish? Checked five parties fishing, Edith Read Waterways. One warning for no fishing registration.

10/15: Pane-ful. Headlights reported shining across parkway into window on Charlotte Street. Car 10 responded. Con Edison work van, advised to lower lights.

10/15: Walk-in reported that his Rye Manor neighbor punched him in the face three days earlier. Wanted to document same.

10/15: Peck Avenue caller stated her neighbor just shoved her. Ongoing issue.

10/15: Loud music, Ellen Court, 10:40 p.m. Condition corrected.

10/14: On your mark…Construction, 9:56 a.m., Apawamis/Forest avenues. Spoke with employee on scene, instructed him to wait until 10 a.m.

10/14: Caller reported disoriented older male with long hair riding bike on I-95 South ramp.

10/14: Marriott staff reported two males, early 20s acting suspicious in hotel parking lot. Stated they attempted to enter hotel through side door. Did not believe they were guests.

10/14: Park Avenue resident stated loud music was disturbing his sleep, 11:10 p.m. Searched area, party taken inside for the night.

10/13: City Code violation. Dumpster blocking roadway, Sonn Drive. Summons issued.

10/13: Performed check on one person fishing from kayak, Scotch Caps. No violation.

10/13: Dumpster fire next to 178 Theodore Fremd Avenue. RFD, backup units on scene.

10/13: Port Chester PD reported suspicious vehicle, Cottage Street/Midland Avenue. Canvassed area, negative results.

10/13: School bus reported driving erratically, BPR/Old Post Road. Area canvassed, negative results.

10/13: That Hertz. Assisted citizen, Midland Avenue. Damage to rear of party’s rental car.

10/13: Male kids wearing blue shirts stole two 6-packs of Coors Light from CVS.

10/13: Suspicious vehicle in Marshlands. Towed, 8:05 p.m.

10/12: Officer checked on two suspicious parties in the rear of Playland parking lot, 1:13 a.m. Parties checked out, advised that park was closed. On their way.

10/12: Coyote walking through yard, 7:41 a.m., Forest Avenue.

10/11: Coyote sighting, Stuyvesant/Van Wagenen avenues, 9:21 a.m.

10/11: Walk-in reported suspicious bag tied to railings close to train tracks, NYC-bound side, between ticket, soda machines. Just a damaged umbrella.

10/11: Packard Court reported deer had been laying in her backyard all day. Deer was sleeping. Sent on its way.

10/11: Larceny from vehicle. Complainant stated his Station Plaza parking permit was stolen from his vehicle.

10/10: Vehicle reported bumping into pedestrians in Playland Market lot. No reported injuries. Unit sent to investigate.

10/10: Caller reported rock chipping, 8:53 a.m. Con Edison jack-hammering, opening up road to replace broken pipe on their Theodore Fremd property.

10/10: Complainant stated unleashed dogs were chasing him and he has difficulty walking, Rye Town Park. Spoke with party who did not want to file a statement. Dog owners left RTP prior to officer’s arrival.

10/10: Injured animal reported, Locust Avenue. Dog was okay, returned to owner.

10/10: Illegally parked vehicle, Oakwood Avenue. Caller reported Subaru wagon making it difficult to pass on road. Owner on scene, moving vehicle.

10/10: No harm, no foul. Party stated vehicle is parked on his lawn, damaged same. Complainant advised vehicle in question parked on City property. No violations.

10/10: Tricky seat-uation. Party reported that woman berated him on 6th of October over a seat at train station. He encountered her again on the 9th. She was acting irrational. Complainant wanted to document incident, because he was unsure what female would do or say. They both take train from Rye.

10/10: Male with no shirt, wearing shorts, acting strange on sidewalk, Hix/Oakland Beach avenues. Party located, identified.

10/9: Red Honda at Midland/Peck avenues intersection, party asleep at wheel. Driver stated he was too tired to drive.

10/9: Suspicious persons. Group of young females reported walking north past Playland Market. Caller reported they appeared to be too young to be out at 4 a.m. Parties checked out. Walking home two blocks from area of contact.

10/9: Caller stated he had just witnessed someone taking property out of clothing donation bin, Nursery Field.

10/9: Vehicle was blocking fire hydrant, Elm Place/Purchase Street. Summons issued.

10/9: Assisted Port Chester PD with party in Grace Church Street window with rifle. Transported one male to PCPD at request of sergeant on scene.

10/8: Received report from AYC that vessel had broken free and was on rocks. Located 37-foot sailboat on Spike Island.

10/8: Boat that had too many people in it reported off Milton Point, causing dangerous condition. Voyage terminated.

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