Police Blotter 11/17

0:00   Lead: 11/6: The old “Van Winkle” line. Suspicious vehicle, Marshlands, 3:23 a.m. Parties stated they fell asleep after hiking during the day. Advised […]

Published November 23, 2017 8:49 PM
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11/6: The old “Van Winkle” line. Suspicious vehicle, Marshlands, 3:23 a.m. Parties stated they fell asleep after hiking during the day. Advised to find a safe place to sleep.

11/14: It’s baaaack! The Snow (or no snow) Ordinance. Illegally parked vehicles: Milton Road/Hill Street, Halstead Place, Dearborn Avenue, Park Lane, Fairlawn Court, many other locations. Warnings issued.

11/13: BPR resident stated she heard someone outside near dumpster on her property. Officer stopped vehicle in area. Driver checked out. Canvassed area, all appeared quiet/normal.

11/13: Tax bill, probably. Screaming reported in area of Kirby Lane/Van Renssalaer Road. Caller stated woman was screaming near one residence. Checked exterior, no apparent sign of anyone home. Outside all quiet.

11/13: Criminal mischief to vehicle, Theodore Fremd Avenue. Damage to passenger side tail light. Statement taken.

11/13: The Crate Escape. Child with finger caught in crate, Osborn School. Officers able to cut crate so child could remove finger. No visible injuries or complaints of pain. School nurse on scene.

11/13: Caller stated she observed two “shady-looking” males in white van in area of Milton Road/Vale Place. One male knocked on door at unknown address while other went into backyard. Were contractors hired by bank to board-up abandoned hoses.

11/13: Cedar Place caller stated raccoon was screaming in roadway, appeared to be injured. Animal died from motor vehicle injuries.

11/12: Nervy. Large coyote reported walking down street near Highland Road/Mendota Avenue, 1:30 p.m.

11/12: City Code violation. Caller stated construction work was going on opposite Osborn School on Osborn Road on a Sunday. Condition corrected. Warning issued.

11/12: Peace officer. Central Avenue caller stated he wanted to speak to officer regarding neighbor harassing him. Spoke with both parties regarding unwanted noise, mediated meeting in which they voice concerns, apologized to one another.

11/11: Caller reported unsafe icy sidewalk condition, School Street. Confirmed condition. Building owner, DPW were to be notified.

11/11: Eyewitness news. Complainant reported several parties on his property with unknown reason for being there. Possibly Jehovah’s Witnesses. Left area in white Mini Cooper, black 4-door sedan. Area canvassed. GOA.

11/10: How about a bright yellow line there! Vehicle illegally parked in traffic lane, Rye Grill 7 Bar/Station Plaza. Owner relocated her vehicle.

11/8: Caller stated there was a camper van parked on Central Avenue and she was not sure if it was legal. Registered owner had called to ask permission to park overnight.

11/8: Caller reported gray Toyota Tacoma was parked on street for past couple of days with keys in vehicle; construction workers nearby claimed they did not know whose it was. Belonged to worker in area, advised not to leave keys in vehicle. Grace Church Street/Guion Road.

11/8: “Grandma” scam. Walk-in stated she was handed a note from woman in car on Sylvan Place that stated her family was being held hostage. People on phone were also extorting money from her, threatening to shoot her niece and nephews. Cars 10, 11, 15 sent. After money transferred, found that children were safe in their schools.

11/8: Parties reported they had lost their Brazilian passports, needed police report for consulate so that they could return to Brazil.

11/8: Cookie caper. Caller stated two females, one blonde, one brunette, were selling cookies in the village. Walked into Blue Mercury trying to sell. She did not think they had permit to solicit. Searched village. GOA.

11/8: Raccoon reported in Captains Lane home. Animal removed.

11/7: Coyotes observed traveling east across synagogue parking lot towards Forest Avenue, 2:08 a.m.

11/7: Suspicious vehicle, Theall Road. Driver stated he was tired, needed to take quick nap before heading back to New Hampshire.

11/7: TWEET! TWEET! Caller reported noise that sounded like leaf blower. Searched Rye Colony area, only noise was coming from birds.

11/7: Caller stated daughter was riding bike in Hix Park area and was nearly struck by driver who proceeded to yell at her. Spoke with both parties, advised safety especially with children and vehicular traffic in Hix neighborhood.

11/6: Suspicious vehicle. Red sedan stopped in roadway, Halls Lane/Stuyvesant Avenue, 4:56 a.m. Familiar party out collecting cans with his wife. Spoken to about leaving vehicle unattended in roadway.

11/5: Suspicious person. Male youths wearing hoodies in walking around Park Avenue walking around, 1:07 a.m. Male, female local residents of Soundview, walking home from friend’s house by Harrison line. Checked out.

11/4: Badly injured deer on Grace Church Street property. Homeowner advised to call local trapper.

11/4: Brevoort Lane caller stated she heard a noise in the night, noticed broken window in rear of her home in morning. Wanted officer to check it out.

11/4: Claremont Avenue caller stated she heard sister’s car alarm go off, was parked in driveway, 11:28 p.m. When they went out to check, they heard voices coming from bushes. Area canvassed with negative results.

11/3: Young kids reported playing on Webster Bank roof, Purchase Street. Able to make contact with youths and one mother. Youth referral prepared.

11/3: Wise. Give that child a “T-Bone” (chicken cutlet, French fries, hot sauce, ketchup)! Caller reported children on bicycles obstructing traffic near Jerry’s Post Road Market. Upon arrival, group was walking down BPR. Spoke with one party who stated he would find a better place to ride his bike.

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