Police Blotter 11-22-13

0:00 11/18: Officer reported suspicious parties on bicycles, BPR/Park Avenue. Parties checked out, on their way home from work in area.   11/18: MVA, Sirius operator reported […]

Published December 5, 2013 5:33 PM
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11/18: Officer reported suspicious parties on bicycles, BPR/Park Avenue. Parties checked out, on their way home from work in area.


11/18: MVA, Sirius operator reported subscriber in accident, Playland Access/Theall roads. Driver of one vehicle to Greenwich Hospital.


11/18: Good trees make good neighbors. Fairlawn Street caller reported trees being taken down at neighbor’s property and he did not think there was a permit to do so. Officer spoke with DPW and tree service, advised them to clean up and not to touch second tree.


11/18: Real turn-off. Purchase Street caller reported Audi left running I.F.O. Cosi for over half-hour. Officer turned off motor. Summons issued.


11/18: Caller stated car ran into a wall and no occupants in vehicle, Highland Road/Dogwood Lane. Hannigan’s responded to tow request.


11/17: Nightmare shift. Party believed someone was trying to break into her Purchase Street apartment. Caller stated to officer she was dreaming.


11/17: Freestyle parking. Mead Place/Locust Avenue caller stated cars blocking his driveway and whole street. Summons issued. Swim meet at Rye Y.


11/16: Two complaints of construction noise reported, 8 a.m., Halstead Place. Upon arrival officer advised crew of 10 a.m. Saturday start time. Warning issued.


11/16: Early construction crew start, North Street location, 8:42 a.m. Warning issued.


11/16: Caller reported multiple cars parked illegally on Wappanocca Avenue, specifically blue pickup, vans, and white food truck. Car 16 sent to mark. Summonses issued.


11/16: Complainant reported her son’s bicycle stolen from RHS.


11/16: Larceny reported at CVS.


11/16: Rock chipping reported on weekend. Car 18 sent, warning issued.


11/16: Homeless male holding up some kind of sign at Station Plaza/Peck Avenue, possibly hitchhiking. Man from Bronx, moving on.


11/15: Deer reported struck by car, Grace Church Street/Forest Avenue. Animal dispatched.


11/15: More like a blizzard. Snow ordinance warnings issued, multiple city locations, including: High Street, Orchard and Locust avenues, Purchase Street, Smith Street/BPR, Stuyvesant Avenue, Osborn School, and more.


11/14: Frederick Court complainant reported youths with BB gun. Spoke with homeowner, youths observed leaving area on foot.


11/13: Leaf fire reported by Amelia Earhart Lane.


11/13: Just a darned minute! Resident paid parking meter 3:39 p.m. Ticketed 3:40 p.m. Violation cancelled at City Court.


11/13: Beary Court complainant reported her car broken into, purse stolen.


11/13: Vehicle parked illegally across from Midland School by Billington Court. Summons issued.


11/13: Small gray and white pet reported struck by car, I-95 exit, Midland Avenue/Cottage Street.


11/13: Parked Black Kia reported obstructing view of Locust Avenue roadway for residents. Vehicle moved.


11/12: Seeing red. Caller reported party backed her red VW into his truck twice before leaving Peck Avenue scene. No damage observed. VW driver contacted, also reported no damage and did not want to cooperate.


11/12: Unit 3 reported criminal mischief, 160 Theodore Fremd. Pictures taken with patrol camera.


11/12: It tanks a Village. Clinton Avenue caller stated problem with plumbing. Officer shut off supply to hot water tank, stopped leak in master bedroom sink. Advised cleaning personnel to contact owner, have plumber make repairs.


11/12: Unallied. Walk-in complainant stated unauthorized activity on his US Alliance credit card.


11/12: Walk-in reported missing dog named Ecco.


11/11: Caller reported two cans of beer, eggs thrown at Osborn Road house.


11/10: Numerous calls reported car/truck MVA, Playland Parkway/BPR. Assisted until arrival of County PD.


11/9: Caller reported leaf blowers, Eve Lane/Forest Avenue. Summons issued.


11/9: Walk-in, 3:15 p.m., reported his mother, visiting from China, went for walk at 11 a.m., had not returned home, speaks little English. Assisted with canvass. Woman located.


11/9: Illegally parked vehicle, no parking zone, Smith/Purchase streets, obstructing traffic. Summons issued.


11/8: Summons issued, expired inspection, Cottage Street/Midland Avenue.


11/7: Nailed. Milton Road caller reported construction work conducted in violation of stop work order. Officer dispatched, City Buildings Dept. contacted. All work stopped per documentation of order.


11/7: Purchase Street vehicle with suspended plates. Voluntarily surrendered, vehicle impounded.


11/7: North Street fire, overheated hot water heater, owner on scene.


11/7: Hillside Road burglary. Caller reported door forced open at her home.


11/7: Disorderly conduct, Station Plaza, husband/wife verbal dispute, left in separate vehicles.


11/6: Caller reported men fishing at Waters Edge rocks for three days. Officer advised men they were on state property.


11/6: Security for impounded voting machines.


11/6: Caller stated severely injured deer near parking lot area, Marshlands. WCDPS notified.


11/5: Removal of posted bills: Roosevelt, Forest/Hewlett avenues, Milton Road.


11/5: Anchor’s away! Multiple leaf blowers reported, Anchor Drive. Warnings issued.


11/5: Soundview Avenue caller reported man appeared to be taking dirt samples.


11/4: Removal of posted signs: Hillside Road, Purchase Street, Station Plaza.


11/3: Downer of a Thistle. Caller reported group of youths in woods by Mistletoe/Thistle lanes smoking unknown substance.


11/2: Construction started before 10 a.m., Barron Place/Stuyvesant Avenue. Ongoing problem. Summons issued.


11/2: Motorist reported he struck deer, Playland Access Drive/Theodore Fremd Avenue. Deer dispatched by Sergeant. DPW notified.


11/1: Stolen flower pot reported, Midland Avenue.


11/1: Truck reported pulling down wires, Meadow Place. Wires coned, flagged.


10/31: Pepsi driver reported injury to his right-side ribs. Unknown party cut him off while he was delivering handtruck full of Pepsi to CVS, forcing him to stop short, jammed right handle into ribs, causing extreme pain. EMS on scene.


10/31: Cream-colored SUV reported blocking intersection, Sonn Drive/Franklin Avenue. Summons issued.


10/31: Catalytic converter reported stolen, BPR.


10/31: Caller reported carbon monoxide detector sounded.


10/31: Officer observed three male subjects exiting Gagliardo Park on High Street side, 11:20 p.m. Advised to stay out of park at night.


10/30: Unit 26 flagged down by motorist involved in hit-and-run accident. Vehicle left scene, white Cadillac operated by African-American male. Searched area, negative results.


10/30: Witches’ brew? Highland Road party stated two dark colored SUVs driving erratically. Occupants described as teen-age girls dressed in black. G.O.A.


10/30: Grace Church Street caller reported eggs being thrown at her house.


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