Police Blotter 12-20-13

0:00   12/17: Suspicious vehicle parked on Playland Parkway with its lights off.   12/16: Manursing Way resident heard a beeping sound in her house that she […]

Published January 8, 2014 8:36 PM
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12/17: Suspicious vehicle parked on Playland Parkway with its lights off.


12/16: Manursing Way resident heard a beeping sound in her house that she did not believe to be a fire or burglar alarm. Officer located and reset source of alarm. Gas company on scene to check premises.


12/16: Walk-in reported he slipped and fell on Milton Road sidewalk. Sworn statement and pictures taken.


12/16: City Code Violation. Sidewalk at 23 Purchase Street reported completely iced-over.


12/16: Caller reported dog had been struck by a vehicle, Milton Road/Pine Lane. Assisted resident in removing dog from roadway, into vehicle for transport to vet.


12/16: Caller reported witnessing female being assaulted by a male in gray Jetta parked behind RAC. Officers responded, verbal dispute.


12/16: Four taxi license renewal inspections. All passed.


12/16: Harbor Terrace caller reported he saw flashes of light coming through his ground-floor window. Complainant stated he had been harassed in past by youths flashing lights into his window.


12/16: Caller reported MVA, Purchase/Smith streets. No injuries, but other party may have been trying to leave scene. Vehicle removed to impound.


12/15: iLoss. Caller reported iPad was stolen at Purchase Street restaurant.


12/15: Anchor Drive resident reported deer struck by vehicle, now across from his property. Dispatched.


12/15: Vehicle left overnight in Osborn School parking lot needed to be removed for snow removal crew. Owner contacted, moved vehicle.


12/15: Suspension work. Suspicious vehicle parked for 2-3 weeks on Eldridge Place. Suspended registration. Towed.


12/14: Break-in Bat. Resident reported a bat in kitchen of Clark Lane residence. Officer unable to locate bat. Homeowner to contact private nuisance trapper.


12/14: Audi parked in violation of snow ordinance, Grace Church Street. Summons issued.


12/14: Intervale Place resident stated gentleman in blue Volvo SUV with dark hoodie on was stopped outside taking photos of his home.


12/13: Suspicious vehicle, matched description of car used in larceny in Harrison. Harrison PD notified.


12/13: Caller reported a man walked in front of his car, Purdy Avenue/McCullough Place. Pedestrian claimed to have been struck, refused medical attention. Vehicle was pulling out from parking space i.f.o. Post Office and did not see pedestrian.


12/13: Old laundry? Greenhaven resident reported older red van driving in the area. Driver delivering dry cleaning.


12/13: Harbor Terrace reported laser pointer being shined in his residence.


12/13: Burglary possibly in progress, Wendover Road/North Street. Assisted Harrison PD.


12/12: Franklin Avenue caller reported car rolled back and possibly hit child.


12/11: Forest Avenue/Halls Lane, suspicious, unoccupied vehicle. Checked out, belonged to neighbor.


12/10: Snow ordinance, summonses issued: Elizabeth, Purchase, Walnut, Chestnut streets and Wappanocca, Central, Midland avenues.


12/10: Suspicious person. Dark-colored SUV reported parked i.f.o. Morris Court residence with a male walking around. Taxi picking up resident, vehicle became disabled, waiting for private tow.


12/10: Rye Road complainant stated neighbor had large leaf pile i.f.o. residence causing obstruction of roadway.


12/10: Transport of prisoner from county jail to court; transfer of prisoner from Rikers to court. Roundtrips.


12/10: Gotchya #1! Vehicle on private property in tenant’s Theodore Fremd space. Owner showed up on scene. Car moved.


12/9: Caller reported dead deer by side of road, Forest Avenue/Grace Church Street. DPW picked up deer.


12/9: Mamaroneck PD reported deer, possibly struck by vehicle, possibly needing to be dispatched, Boston Post/Hornidge roads.


12/7: Code breaker. Landscapers reported working with multiple blowers, Sand/Winthrop streets. Warning, advised of 10 a.m. City Code.


12/7: Complainant reported vandalism to his car overnight while parked in Highland Hall lot.


12/7: Vehicle parked unoccupied, registration expired July 2013, Locust Avenue/Mead Place. Towed.


12/7: Caller stated she observed two vehicles pull off side of Forest Avenue by Grace Church Street with hazards on near what looked to be a man lying on ground. Officer in area/back-up sent. G.O.A. No sign of vehicle or man on ground.


12/7: Midland Avenue caller reported what sounded like gunshots in the rear of his property.


12/6: Caller reported vehicles racing in Playland parking lot, creating loud noises. All clear in area.


12/6: Facilities manager reported homeless man causing problem at Resurrection Church. Party escorted out of church, on way to train station without incident.


12/6: Complainant reported he lost Brazilian passport in Station Plaza.


12/6: Neighbor-hoodie burglary. Caller stated that two males stole property from McKenzie Electric’s Mead Place shed, fled on foot towards Locust Avenue. One male had green hoodie. Searched area, no result.


12/5: Taupe can be so annoying. Suspicious person: Marriott hotel reported white female driving taupe Honda pickup bothering guest.


12/4: Help just a few years away. Significant water reported coming out of ground near Rye Grill & Bar by Station Plaza, running toward Purchase Street. Was coming up from roadway undermining lot along Second Street.


12/4: Gothcya #2. Lynden Street homeowner reported security video from house showed unknown party opened rear door, then leave after setting off alarm.


12/4: Assist citizen with lost canoe. Party said County PD gave him permission to live on sailboat in Playland Cove for winter. Officer will follow-up with county.


12/3: Screwdriver. Large number of screws reported dropped in Milton Road by Rye Beach Avenue. DPW notified.


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