Police Blotter (12-6-2011)

0:00 11/7: Officer located suspicious party walking Rye Town Park and Rye Beach Avenue area. Hartford resident disoriented – no notion of location, time, date, […]

Published December 12, 2011 2:50 PM
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11/7: Officer located suspicious party walking Rye Town Park and Rye Beach Avenue area. Hartford resident disoriented – no notion of location, time, date, or even last meal. Transported to Greenwich Hospital for evaluation.11/8: Caller reported youth struck by car at Midland and Apawamis. Minor injuries.


11/8: Caller believed she was having allergic reaction to medication. Felt dizzy, lost partial eyesight. Transported to Greenwich Hospital.


11/8: Walk-in reported son repeatedly harassed by classmate. Incident reported to High School Principal and Dean of Students.


11/9: Police assisted with election machine impound at City Hall, Rye Middle School, and Rye Recreation. Escorted ESM Skyline Van and Storage to Ardsley Park Center and turned over to Board of Election officials.


11/9: Don’t hide your child under basket. Missing child reported on Rickbern Street. Officer arrived and located child inside a wicker basket in living room. Child in good health. Reunited with mother and caretaker.


11/9: Port Chester resident pulled over driving tan Mitsubishi Galant with inadequate plate lamp. Arrested after NYSPIN revealed privileges suspended in New York.


11/10: Complainant and a friend were walking on Milton Road when four motorcyclists without helmets caused them “annoyance and alarm”. Said they may have shot a gun and kept circling the area looking for them. Uneasy Riders?

11/10: Officer traveling south on Boston Post Road observed black Audi continue straight on road at Purdy Avenue despite being in right turn-only lane. Pulled over. NYSPIN revealed driver’s privilege in New York suspended. Issued summons, released on bail.


11/10: Sturbridge (Mass.) Police Department requested Rye Police check on welfare of 90-year-old Milton Road resident. No results from check at party’s apartment. Apartment super contacted and allowed access. Searched interior to no avail.


11/11: Resident flagged down officer to hand over wallet found in front of library. Owner of wallet called headquarters later.


11/11: Party reported several valuable family heirlooms and other items missing from deceased mother’s residence on Milton Road. Complainant said nurse was taking care of mother until her 10/27 passing. Family noticed numerous items, valued at over $50,000, missing.


11/11: YMCA staff reported child fell off swings at playground. Requested medical attention.


11/11: Caller reported aggressive solicitor on Bradford Avenue. Solicitor and supervisor brought to police HQ. Showed valid permits and departed.


11/11: Bronx man observed operating red Lincoln on highway with improper plates. Issued three summonses and vehicle towed.


11/11: Port Chester female arrested at 4 a.m. after failing all field sobriety tests, blowing.13% on the intoximeter. Offender hysterical after arrest. Cried uncontrollably kicked at the divider and door of squad car. Stated: I can’t believe I, of all people, am being arrested.

Offender continued to cry in holding cell. When asked for Social Security number, gave 10-digit number. Then 8-digit. Then another 8-digit. On fourth attempt, gave correct 9-digit number. Offender said she came from Elements, a White Plains watering hole, then changed answer to Cabos. When asked to verify, she said Elements. Asked one last time, she said, “Cabos … I mean Elements”. Added only drink she had all night was Patron margarita. Offender then noticed officers had removed bottle of Grey Goose from vehicle. Said, “You’ve got to be ****ing kidding me, that’s from two weeks ago!”


11/12: Caller reported finding a purse in the bushes next to his property on Glendale Road.


11/12: Brevoort Lane resident said unknown parties attempted to enter her home overnight. Failed to call police thinking it might be her son, but found that wasn’t the case. Complainant asked neighbors if there was anyone who possibly mistook her home as one where a party was occurring. All said “no”.


11/14: Osborn resident reported tingling in arm. EMS transported to Greenwich Hospital.


11/14: Walk-in reported ex-boyfriend, Port Chester resident, harassing her. Live-in nanny said offender harassing via texts, phone calls, and email. Officer shown some texts, in Portugese, and picture of street sign near residence. Offender said he would “make her life hell”, “he had nothing to lose”. Also called to say, “If he can’t have her nobody can”. Complainant added that offender, who claims to “belong to the devil”, becomes verbally abusive when he drinks alcohol and smokes marijuana.


Victim said offender knows her schedule and where she takes children, and is afraid for her own safety and theirs. Officer called Port Chester resident on cell; offender said he would stop by HQ to clear matter up. Did so. Officers warned him to stop all behavior. Complainant said she did not want to press charges unless behavior continued.


11/14: Vehicle hit Rye Fire truck on Milton Road.


11/15: Scent of a Woman. Property stolen from Cedar Place home. Two bottles of newly purchased cologne missing. No sign of forced entry.


11/16: Resident reported sunroof of Audi smashed, Louis Vuitton purse, containing wallet, cash, license, and credit cards, stolen from vehicle while parked in own driveway. Purse and wallet later located down the street. Wallet missing $200.


11/16: Vehicle hit bicyclist on Grace Church and Kirby Lane North.


11/16: Elderly male laying in roadway at Purchase Street and west Purdy Avenue complaining of having slipped in rain.


11/17: Observed 1975 red Ford dump truck bearing NY commercial plates pulling trailer without trailer plate. Trailer positioned in manner obstructing the license plate on dump truck. NYSPIN revealed privilege to operate motor vehicle in NY suspended. Summons issued.


11/17: School director found marijuana in jacket pocket of 16-year-old student. Jacket in student’s locker.


11/17: A new take on Danny and Arnold? Complainant filed a four-page statement documenting an ongoing case of aggravated harassment. Twin brother the offender.


11/18: Yonkers man observed operating white Dodge van bearing expired inspection on public roadway. NYSPIN revealed privilege to operate motor vehicle in New York suspended. ROR’d.11/18: CVS employee stated two females shoplifted, left the premises. While attempting to detain the two Yonkers women, one emptied bag into garbage can. Search of can revealed multiple boxes of perfumes and colognes belonging to CVS. Suspect taken into custody and transported to HQ. Claimed she took the items and daughter had nothing to do with it. Other female detained at scene and transported to HQ.


Review of videotape revealed another party shoplifting. Officer located third suspect going our way, fleeing in front of Rye City Court. Poor getaway plan. Suspect’s identity confirmed via video placing items in Louis Vuitton purse. Purse found in van in parking lot with unpaid merchandise from CVS. Set of keys found on suspect; vehicle contained multiple items that appeared to have been stolen.


11/18: Report of youth falling through window at Cosi. Officer arrived on scene. Staff reported young female had leaned on and broken large plate-glass window facing Purchase Street. Youth was extremely upset. Stated she just leaned on the window. EMS arrived on scene, but female refused medical attention and father took her home.


11/19: Caller reported young child turning blue after head-to-head collision with another child. Officer arrived on scene, found victim conscious and alert. Patient transported to Greenwich Hospital.


11/19: Small group of youths observed congregating on Community Synagogue property. Scattered north toward Ann Lane. Beer, plastic container of marijuana, and metal grinder left behind.


11/20: Rye Hospital Center reported juvenile left without permission about 12:45 a.m. Juvenile witness said last time she saw missing person was around 12:30, and that he said girlfriend was going to pick him up. Missing person’s mother, Tuxedo Park resident, advised of situation. Didn’t know of girlfriend, but son has history of running away, previously fled to friend’s house in New Jersey. No known destination or clothing description of missing person. Suffern Police Department contacted.


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