Police Blotter (2-10-2012)

0:00   1/14: Resident reported silver Macbook Pro stolen from home. Complainant was away during theft, but 20-year-old daughter was home. She had some people […]

Published February 23, 2012 9:15 PM
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1/14: Resident reported silver Macbook Pro stolen from home. Complainant was away during theft, but 20-year-old daughter was home. She had some people over for a get together 1/6, when it might have been stolen. Father had given laptop to son who noticed it was missing.

1/14: Caller reported young male, likely on drugs, in area of Forest Avenue. Male located in dark clothing standing on sidewalk. When approached, appeared worried and told officer he walked from New Rochelle by way of highway and was lost. Sixteen-year-old had been reported missing by New Rochelle PD. Reunited with parents.


1/14: From the “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute” files: Officer observed man driving 1998 red Honda on public roadway with unapproved headlamps. Also threw litter from his vehicle onto roadway. NYSPIN revealed privilege to operate vehicle in New York suspended. Arrested and released on $100 cash bail.


1/15: Manager reported guest of hotel refused to pay bill and also harassing hotel staff. Interviewed Rye Brook offender, who said she would pay balance later in day and leave the following day. Safe to say she didn’t get a mint on her pillow.


1/15: White Toyota two-door sedan pulled over after making unsafe left turn onto 95 from Midland. Driver, a Mahopac resident, had watery bloodshot eyes, slow and slurred speech, and strong odor of alcohol emanating from breath. Admitted to consuming “a few beers” at Buffalo Wild Wings. Failed all sobriety tests and blew a .16%.


1/15: Observed vehicle traveling south on Midland with broken front windshield. Officer stopped it at 95 North ramp. Strong odor of alcohol emanated from driver, who tried to hand over phone when asked for ID. Finally obtained Ecuadorian ID card. Did not possess driver’s license. Placed under arrest for driving without a license, and after failing sobriety tests and blowing .19, charged with DWI.


1/16: Complainant reported student from daughter’s school wrote nasty message on Facebook. Parent said it was an ongoing issue; daughter’s personal property damaged in past but not reported.


1/16: Officer dispatched to Rye Hospital Center to check on female patient who swallowed two AA batteries. No aid necessary. Hospital workers requested transport to Sound Shore Medical Center.


1/18: Officer located a David Yuman watch by Chase ATM. Watch tagged and turned over to HQ for safekeeping.


1/18: Driver talking on cell phone while traveling south on Midland pulled over. NYSPIN revealed Connecticut man’s privilege to drive in New York suspended. Also had active warrant out of White Plains for third-degree assault. Transported to HQ for processing.


1/19: Walk-in reported unauthorized accounts opened in her name. Received mobile alert from Chase Bank that $1,996.56 charged to account. Called Chase immediately, and bank canceled debit card and issued new card and account number. Victim advised charge made via PayPal. Chase could not void until it cleared.


1/20: Complainant observed black Suburban with tinted windows strike her parked, unoccupied vehicle. Offender drove away, navigating erratically through parking lot.


1/20: At approximately 8:35 p.m. day before, complainant said group of teenagers drinking alcohol at local club’s “halfway house”. Video surveillance showed them damaging patio chairs and attempting to light them on fire.


1/20: Complainant driving on Purchase Street when known party threw rock at his driver’s side window. Offender has been harassing him for over two years.


1/20: Club reported elderly patron having bad reaction to alcohol and prescription medication mixture. Transported to Greenwich Hospital.


1/21: DPW truck backed into another vehicle and broke its center window.


1/22: When woman returned to parked car after visit to Rye Y, noticed bumper of her vehicle ripped off.


1/24: Responded to report of verbal dispute between mother and son. Mother had been having arguments for past five years with son. On date of complaint, noticed $20 missing from envelope left for maid. Woke up son and told him to go to Department of Social Service to find new place to stay. Son refused to leave at first, and accidentally grazed mother’s cheek while flailing arms on way out door. No visible marks or bruising on complainant.


1/24: Wife reported husband blew out back and in need of transport. Officers found male on living room floor complaining of severe discomfort. Advised to keep still. Officers assisted EMS with lift to stretcher. Transported to Greenwich Hospital.


1/25: Several motorists reported potentially sick raccoon on side of road by sidewalk where kids walk to school.


1/25: Basketball player came to HQ with father to report $50 taken from wallet while practicing at RHS. Wallet was in locker.


1/25: Husband and wife came to HQ to report unwanted calls from private phone. Received several calls from private number 1/22. First two were hang-ups, but on third man identified self as co-worker of husband, one “Anthony Pastore”. Wife said husband not in. Man called a fourth time and wife again stated husband not available. Wife asked man what department he was from, and caller was unclear. She said husband works in small office and neither she or husband heard of him. Another call from private number made 1/24 followed by several to his cell phone. Complainants called phone company to trace number. Informed they needed to file police report, after which phone company could contact police with number.


1/26: Officer on the scene after male fell and injured hip on Purchase Street. Was walking around corner when previously operated-on leg gave out. Transported to Greenwich Hospital.


1/27: Operator of crane at Westchester Beach Club construction site hit head on counterweight causing a bleeding laceration on forehead. Upon officer’s arrival, man was suffering neck pain and could not move head. Transported to Greenwich Hospital.


1/27: Purchase Street business owner reported that at approximately 4 p.m. an older and younger female – possibly mother-and-daughter team – came into store. Store employee observed older woman put a clutch purse into bag and leave.


1/27: Two youths found spray painting tunnel under tracks at Station Plaza. Youths apprehended. Knapsack containing nine spray paint cans and large black Sharpie taken into evidence.


1/28: While on foot patrol, officer observed vehicle make illegal left turn from Elm Place onto Purchase Street. Stopped vehicle and ordered operator to pull over. NYSPIN revealed driver had four open suspensions in NY and therefore privilege to drive suspended. Vehicle secured and operator placed under arrest.


1/28: Resident received call from party claiming to be from Con Edison. Caller said resident’s lights would be shut off if she did not pay $142.31. Complainant said she would pay immediately. Caller said name was “John Mejia”, and advised mark she could expedite payment by going to CVS and purchasing “Green Dot Money Pak” card. Then told victim to call him back to provide serial code number on back of card. Complainant did as instructed, but called Con Ed instead of “John Mejia”. Con Ed informed her she had no outstanding bill and they didn’t call her. Instructed to file police report. Resident victim of ongoing scam where marks threatened with utility shut-off if they don’t pay certain amount right away. When victim purchases money card and gives serial number on back of card to caller, funds are processed and depleted within seconds.

1/29: Resident received threatening phone calls. Earlier in evening spoke with ex-girlfriend, who said her current boyfriend – or another ex-boyfriend, not known at this time – threatened to hurt complainant. Complainant’s ex said suspect was “going to hire someone to come and kill you”. Suspect resides in Maryland and apparently frequents Rye Brook where complainant’s ex-girlfriend lives.


1/29: Caller said teenagers, making noise at house under construction, had just run down street towards Orchard Avenue carrying what appeared to be a ladder. Officer collected remains of window ripped out of door for evidence. Checked residence and found house empty and front door heavily damaged.


1/30: Gray minivan backed up in front of Lane Way residence and struck homeowner’s wooden fence. Driver said it was accidental damage. Didn’t know he damaged fence and would pay for it.


1/30: Complainant observed suspicious male trying to open side door of Barlow Lane residence.


1/30: Purchase Street business owner, same as before, said suspicious male and female came into store to ask personal questions. Parties have been in before and called previously looking for storeowner. Might be related to ex-husband who has history of stalking and using other parties to find information about his ex and their daughters.


1/31: Owner of flower shop reported unhappy customer threatening to spread rumors about him and store on Facebook. Obviously does not “Like” this.


1/31: Complainant said someone entered his school locker and removed $125 headphones without permission.


1/31: Officers dispatched to locate missing 77-year-old. Wife said husband disappeared from nighttime walk around 5:30 p.m. Apparently wandered off on separate occasions. At approximately 7:40 p.m., missing man found way back to neighbor’s house. Had wandered onto golf club grounds. Neighbors contacted wife and units walked husband home safely. n


1/31: Harrison resident said Eastchester resident harassing her on cell phone. Believes calls and texts intended for her Rye friend who had used phone in past.

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