Police Blotter 2/20

0:00 PB 2-20-19   2/15: Caller reported cover missing from hole in the road, Locust Lane/Milton Road, 7:30 a.m. Appeared to be water company access […]

Published February 20, 2019 11:38 PM
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PB 2-20-19


2/15: Caller reported cover missing from hole in the road, Locust Lane/Milton Road, 7:30 a.m. Appeared to be water company access hole where cover shifted. DPW notified.


2/14: Caller found set of keys, needed assistance locating party who lost them. Owner found.


2/14: Slipup. Dearborn Avenue sidewalk not cleared of snow, 9:17 a.m. Summons issued.


2/14: Pests. Complainant stated parties were on her Locust Avenue property at time she had not agreed to. Homeowner, pest control company arranged to meet another time.


2/14: Overtime parking complaint, Apawamis/Cowles avenues, 10:52 a.m. Summons issued.


2/14: Caller reported barking dog on Grace Church Street property. Spoke with homeowner who stated dog only barks when someone comes on property.


2/13: Larceny from motor vehicle, Fairlawn Street. Sworn statement taken.


2/13: MVA, Locust/Theodore Fremd avenues. Silver Kia reported Ford EcoSport hit her from rear. No injuries.


2/13: Sled unit. Perimeter of Police impound checked, Oakland Beach Avenue. All appeared secure, perimeter was sheet of ice.


2/12: Illegally parked vehicle, Wainwright Street and Cedar Place/Manursing Avenue. Snow ordinance violations. Summonses issued.


2/12: Deer reported impaled on Sunset Road fence. No issue. Deer was walking around the yard.


2/12: Small deer reported killed by coyote in rear of South Manursing Island residence.


2/12: DPW reported silver Jeep towing sled, Greenhaven/Rye Road. Vehicle turned over to mom. Summons issued.


2/12: Anti-Social behavior. Resident reported his Social Security and personal information were taken and used to open illegal accounts in his name.


2/12: Grace Church Street homeowner reported beer bottles dumped on his property over the weekend.


2/12: Debris from DPW truck or snow from I-95 overpass cracked motorist’s windshield, Highland Road/Wappanocca Avenue.


2/11: “Like a bad neighboorrr…”. Rye Middle School staffer reported hit-and-run involving her vehicle in school parking lot. Minor scratches on driver’s rear side. Caller suspected assigned parking neighbor involved. Planned to settle privately.


2/11: Cop plea. Caller reported leaving backpack on train platform, requested officer to secure it. Pack located.


2/10: Theodore Fremd Avenue complainant stated his upstairs neighbor hit his car in driveway, left scene, 1:17 a.m. Officers will attempt to contact party.


2/10: Asleep at the wheel. Caller stated she inadvertently left her 20-month-old locked in her car, Orchard Avenue, 2:32 p.m. Car 10, RFD sent.


2/9: Insta-scram. Midland Avenue caller stated two Hispanic males in black Honda Civic were taking pictures of residences on street which was alarming to her. GOA.


2/9: All the neighbors drive really fast! Suspicious vehicle reported by Greenhaven Road caller, black male in copper-colored vehicle drove slowly through area, 8:22 a.m.


2/8: Caller reported dog at Mendota Avenue residence was barking nonstop, disrupting her peace. Summons issued.


2/8: Vehicle pulled over for violation would not restart. Driver requested duty tow, Vincent’s dispatched.


2/8: Lame. Vehicle illegally parked in Handicap space, Purchase Street. Summons issued.


2/7: Two words: INSTALL CROSSWALK. Caller stated pedestrian was struck by motor vehicle while crossing Locust Avenue, coming from Rye Y. Pedestrian transported to Westchester Medical Center. No violations observed.


2/7: Black Toyota Sienna reported idling for a long time with individual inside, Ridgeland Manor, 9:14 a.m. GOA.


2/7: AKA “rock remediation”. Midland Avenue/I-95 North ramp closed due to Last Mile project blasting.


2/7: Illegally parked vehicle, Purchase Street. Summons issued.


2/7: Civility. Officer notified by civilian that bank card, $100 cash was found inside Capital One bank, Purchase Street. Placed in evidence bag, sealed.


2/7: Leftover kale? RFD stated they needed entry into Citibank, former Mrs. Green’s, adjacent nail salon for gas leak. Car 10 dispatched.


2/6: Rules of the Road. Unregistered vehicle, BPR/Peck Avenue. Summons issued.


2/5: Walk-in reported fraudulent accounts opened in her name.


2/5: Lock and unload! Larceny. Stonycrest Road caller stated her unlocked car was rummaged, 7:22 a.m. Owner stated two vehicles were left unlocked overnight. No written report, resident just wanted to make RPD aware of incident.


2/5: Clean break. Evergreen Avenue resident reported home was broken into. Cleaning lady on scene, reported entry made through master bedroom window, room ransacked.


2/5: Walk-in wanted to turn himself in on a warrant. Warrant processed, vacated after photos taken.


2/5: L-O-C-K, people. Rockridge Road caller reported her car was plundered overnight. Car keys, change removed by unknown party.


2/5: Purchase Street merchant stated there was illegally parked vehicle in her assigned space. Officer waited in area, no illegally parked vehicle observed. Spoke to complainant, explained vehicle was on private property, not City street.


2/4: Ann Lane caller reported deer stuck in fence. Deer dispatched. DPW would pick up at curbside.


2/4: Probably Dodge “Ram”. Fordham Avenue complainant stated her driveway was chronically blocked by contractor’s vehicle. Situation corrected.


2/3: Ten ways of looking at snow ordinance summonses, Central Avenue to Highland Road to Grace Church Street…and beyond.


2/3: DPW responded to Unit 3 request for removal of ice in road, Hillside Road/Evergreen Avenue, 10:20 a.m.


2/2: Kids seen running into rear of marina via RPD-HQ cameras, 10:22 p.m. Units sent to check. GOA.


2/1: Dummkopf. Gray Mercedes-Benz, NY plate, reported driving erratically at high rate of speed, wrong side of road in school zone, BPR/Parsons Street, 8:51 a.m. Vehicle later stopped at 10 a.m. Admitted to passing vehicle earlier in morning. Operator advised and warning issued regarding earlier conduct.



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