Police Blotter 5-11-12

0:00 Rye Police Department reported two separate incidents of committed patients attempting to leave Rye Hospital (754 Boston Post Road).   On 4/21, caller reported […]

Published May 24, 2012 6:43 PM
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Rye Police Department reported two separate incidents of committed patients attempting to leave Rye Hospital (754 Boston Post Road).


On 4/21, caller reported three men grabbing woman near Boston Post Road and Playland Parkway overpass. Officer arrived on scene, where Rye Hospital staff explained he was retrieving belongings of committed patient, who was attempting to “elope” from the “secure” facility. Sergeant on the scene advised hospital staff: When patients “elope,” a phone call to RPD would be appreciated.

On 4/29, officer responded to afternoon call from same facility regarding male “eloper.” Man, mid- to late 30s, bald with scruffy facial hair, described as dangerous to self and others. Officer observed person wearing blue hospital scrubs fitting description walking north on BPR near Rye High School northern bleacher area. On being approached, man was agitated, stated he wanted to go home, claiming to be “Luke the Jedi.” Man asked to sit on sidewalk to calm him down. Rye Hospital staff arrived on scene, transported patient, with an RPD escort, back to Rye Hospital. Hospital reported man had been committed under doctor’s order.

4/20: Y me? Complainant reported his iPhone lost or stolen while at YMCA.

4/20: Walk in reported purple 2000 Dodge Neon van being operated by unlicensed driver.

4/21: Rye Police Department reported two separate incidents of committed patients attempting to leave Rye Hospital (754 Boston Post Road).

4/21: Two callers reported couple arguing on Park Avenue. Officers arrived to find pair in roadway. They separated and questioned couple. Male stated he was trying to

get ex-girlfriend to go home. She was in treatment for drug addiction. Admitted to being under influence of heroin. Female’s parents arrived, called by male, confirmed treatment. Transported to Greenwich Hospital ER.

4/21: Five wrongs and can’t make a right. Officer observed 2002 Saturn bearing NY plates exceeding posted speed limit, failing to stop at steady red arrow. Detected strong presence of marijuana emanating from vehicle interior. Recovered two alleged marijuana cigarettes from ashtray, another one attached to key chain possessed by rear passenger. Under-21 operator also in possession of Montebello Long Island Iced Tea, 21% alcohol. Charged with unlawful possession of alcohol and marijuana, operating without stop lamps, failure to stop on red, speeding. Released on own recognizance.

4/21: Thanks a lox. Manager of Purchase Street bagel shop found Chase credit card on shop floor.

4/21: Complainant reported losing red leather purse at Elm Place   bar. Contained several credit cards, license, and cell phone.

4/22: Stolen bicycles reported. Man and his two children told officer that two mountain bikes, one black, unknown brand, and one blue Giant, were taken from their yard on separate occasions over two-week period.

4/22: Report of criminal mischief on Walnut Street. Complainant reported unknown suspect “keyed” his 2002 Jeep parked on street.

4/23: Duchess doth not demure. Officer observed 1998 Dodge with inadequate stop lamps. NYSPIN revealed privilege to drive suspended, further revealed operator with active Violent Felony Arrest Warrant in Duchess County. Detained, given desk appearance, turned over to Duchess County Sheriff’s Department.

4/23: Officer on patrol on Midland Avenue observed green 2007 Ford Expedition traveling north with no front plate, expired 2011 inspection. Driver identified himself with NYS license, had no vehicle papers. Blank temp registration sticker taped to windshield, license plate returned expired from red 1997 Ford Explorer. Vehicle impounded. During inspection, officer found proper registration, insurance for vehicle. Subject released on cash bail.

4/23: Delayed reaction. Milton Road complainant stated, on or about 9/7/11, workers removing flood-damaged property without her permission or authority. Complainant informed that matter should be handled in civil court.

4/24: Officer observed male operating 2004 Ford with unsecured cargo. NYSPIN showed NYS privileges to drive suspended. Released on own recognizance. But, no car-go.

4/24: Officers stopped vehicle at Boston Post Road and Cedar Street. Vehicle uninsured. Summons issued. Vehicle towed.

4/24: Officer dispatched to listen to threatening voice message left on Purchase Street business phone machine by unknown party.

4/25: Complainant briefcase stolen overnight from vehicle parked in his Harbor Lane driveway. Briefcase recovered on neighbor’s lawn with all property inside.

4/25: Brevoort Lane complainant stated property — wallet and other important items — stolen from her vehicle parked on street. No forced entry or damage. Some of

property located on Captain’s Lane.

4/26: Sand Street resident reported property removed from her vehicle without permission or authority.

4/26: Ivy Street resident reported property removed overnight from his vehicle without permission or authority.

4/26: Officer dispatched to Beck Avenue on vehicle larceny report. $20 removed from center console. Owner further stated that “strange” black Chrysler with NY plate was parked in front of her house for about ten hours.

4/26: Copper caper. Con Edison contact reported stolen copper cable from rear bay. Unknown offender(s) cut fence near Central Avenue.

4/26: Complainant reported unknown party stole her Percocet prescription from her apartment. Statement filed.

4/26: Officer responded to Fenton Street overnight vehicle larceny report. Complainant parked at 9:30 pm, discovered dash-mounted Garmin Nuvi GPS unit missing at 10:30 am.

4/26: Walk-in report of overnight Beck Avenue vehicle larceny. Items stolen from vehicle parked in driveway.

4.26: Officer dispatched on two more overnight vehicle larceny reports. Wainwright Street couple’s vehicles entered without permission.

4/27: Illegally parked vehicle parked on Midland Avenue and Grace Church Street. Towed, and impounded due to lapsed registration and insurance.

4/27: Quarter Impounder. Vehicle scofflaw reported by Parking Enforcement Officer at Station Plaza and First Street. Registered owner appeared at scene, unable to pay scofflaw amount. Vehicle impounded, locked, secured.

4/28: Hix Avenue resident complained of noisy house party near midnight.

4/30: Officer observed limo headed north on Forest Avenue by Maple Drive at high rate of speed (41 mph on radar). Target vehicle pulled over. Driver with CT license admitted speeding, claimed client needed to use restroom. NYSPIN revealed driver’s privileges suspended by NYS for failure to answer summons. Fare able to coordinate ride home, vehicle towed, driver processed, released on own recognizance.

4/30: Driver of vehicle with cracked windshield heading south on BPR, near Osborn Road, stopped by officer near Glen Oaks Drive. Operator asked for license, registration, insurance. Had only insurance card. Computer check revealed operator’s license revoked due to 25 scoffs. Vehicle released to driver’s wife with three child passengers. Operator fingerprinted, arraigned.

4/30: Officer observed vehicle with suspended registration due to insurance lapse, confirmed by NYSPIN. Towed.

5/1: Operator of 1989 Honda pulled over for driving without headlamps and inadequate directional signals during inclement weather. NYSPIN revealed suspended registration and operator’s privileges to drive suspended. Released on own recognizance.


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