Police Blotter 7/18: Stolen Benz & Slashed Tires

0:00 7/14 Large branch down across roadway, Hewlett Avenue/Crisfield Place. Desk notified and to advise DPW in morning. 713 Just too al-luring. Caller reported fishermen […]

Published July 19, 2022 12:49 AM
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7/14 Large branch down across roadway, Hewlett Avenue/Crisfield Place. Desk notified and to advise DPW in morning.

713 Just too al-luring. Caller reported fishermen on rocks, Waters Edge. Advised to leave location.

7/13 Caller reported barking dogs, Rectory Street. Was able to contact caretaker, fix situation.

7/13 Friendly 8-year-old, black, female German Shepherd, “Jenna”, with hot pink collar was reported missing from DPW area. Surrounding area canvassed, negative results.

7/13 Previously stolen black Mercedes was reported to be in area of Playland Parkway/Forest Avenue. Backed by WCPD.

7/13 Truthfully, it has never functioned properly. Traffic light at I-95 south ramp/Midland Avenue was reported out. TL was functioning properly.

7/13 Roasted. Caller stated van was parked facing wrong way on Chestnut Street. Summons issued.

7/13 Disgraceful. Caller stated all four of his tires were slashed overnight on Grace Church Street.

7/12 Caller reported he observed man grab teenage girl on Playland Parkway. They had been in red vehicle but were now walking down parkway, 11:50 p.m. Spoke with male who stated friend no longer wanted to ride from him and wanted to walk. Female, from Yonkers, advised her brother was coming to pick her up and she did not need police assistance.

7/11 Maybe easier to tell fish to leave. Caller reported fishermen on back of Waters Edge property. Fishermen sent on their way.

7/11 Pathifist. Party stated he had been walking on Marshlands trail when he fell off path and landed in bushes. Stated he could not get up due to unknown injuries. EMS treated party who refused further medical attention.

7/11 Complainant stated three to four high school-aged kids were causing trouble in town, one with red backpack, 12:07 a.m./Locust Avenue/Purchase Street.

7/10 Clean break. Caller reported his laundry was stolen from room in his Theodore Fremd Avenue apartment building.

7/10 Complainant reported items were stolen from his mother’s vehicle, Summit Avenue.

7/10 Walk-in wanted to document someone had gone through his car on Dogwood Lane.

7/10 Don’t ask. Walk-in reported he lost his wedding ring in Long Island Sound near Hen Island.

7/10 Caller stated kids were jumping fence to pool, also fishing on Waters Edge property. Parties advised to get off rocks, sent on their way.

7/10 LOCK AND UNLOAD. Larceny from motor vehicle. Caller stated her wallet was taken from her unlocked vehicle overnight, Grapal Street.

7/10 Sensible. Complainant stated there was loud party in garage, Horton Street/Roosevelt Avenue, 1:49 a.m. Upon arrival, people were talking in garage, no music. Informed of complaint, they closed garage door.

7/9 Group of six male teenagers going up and down Park Avenue ringing doorbells and leaving, 9:54 p.m.

7/9 Buoys will be buoys. While on patrol, observed West Rock danger buoy submerged at high tide, most likely due to fouled mooring chain below. PB2 used to reposition buoy, freed entanglement. Operational.

7/9 Blowers will be blowers. Caller reported leaf blowers, Fairlawn Street.

7/9 Alltron Security stated there was breakfast slider indication, Martin Butler Court. Sausage?

7/9 Netallica? Complainant reported loud music was coming from Rye Rec Skate Park. Was Rye Rec tennis lessons. Music volume did not appear to be unreasonable.

7/9 Keep going. Caller stated coyote was running through front yard, Cowles Avenue, 8:45 a.m.

7/9 Assisted Port Chester PD with strong arm robbery at Mobil gas station, BPR/High Street, 12:24 a.m.

7/8 Caller stated his white Jeep Cherokee was parked legally in a space at Rye Town Park lot and another vehicle was blocking his, 9:43 p.m.

7/8 Complainant reported illegally parked construction vehicles, Fairlawn Court. Six summonses issued.

7/8 Ridgeland Manor resident called to report stolen vehicle, 8:58 a.m.

7/8 “…and those who trespass against us…” Commercial “burg” alarm at Le Pain Quotidien, 3:25 a.m.

7/8 Billington Court homeowner stated male in dark clothing attempted to enter their white BMW, 12:58 a.m.

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