Police Blotter 8-24-12

0:00 7/17: Hiding in plain sight. Illegally parked vehicle was towed from in front of RPD-HQ on McCullough Place. 7/17: Go Cell It On a Mountain. Officer […]

Published September 5, 2012 4:10 PM
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7/17: Hiding in plain sight. Illegally parked vehicle was towed from in front of RPD-HQ on McCullough Place.

7/17: Go Cell It On a Mountain. Officer issued a summons to driver talking on cell phone.

7/18: Brookdale Place caller reported large handprints on exterior of front porch window. No sign of entry, nothing missing from house.

7/18: Larkspur Lane caller reported home hit by lightning. RFD on scene with homeowner.

7/19: Martin Road caller reported neighbor using leaf blower in violation of City Code. Officer observed mowers used, no blowers.

7/19: Leaving the scene, you might say. Or not. Caller reported leaf blowers being used in violation of City Code. Gone on arrival.

7/19: Caller reported “suspicious” male on bike headed southbound on Grace Church Street towards Midland Avenue. Subject located, looking for recyclables.

7/19: Youth calling 911 numerous times from club, hanging up. Manager advised and corrected condition.

7/19: Caller reported her husband missing. Went for a walk; hadn’t been seen since.

7/20: Active scofflaw’s vehicle was towed from Car Park #4, School and Smith streets. Less active now.

7/20: Finding a good “pick-up” when you need one. Greenleaf Street caller reported neighbor’s trash left in front of house for over three weeks. Reported to DPW. Informed it was known problem, trash does not conform to city requirement for pick-up.

7/20: Dogwood Lane caller reported seeing coyote in yard around 7 pm that may have gone under shed. GOA.

7/20: Raleigh nice thing to do. Caller reported finding girl’s mountain bike by bridge over brook at high school. Purple Raleigh.

7/21: Report of highly intoxicated male on depot plaza side of train station. Taxi to New Rochelle called.

7/21: Mattress too soft? Marriott personnel called with report of heavily intoxicated party sleeping on table in lobby. Guest returned to room.

7/21: Caller reported landscaper cutting lawns too early. New landscaper in town advised of Code.

7/21: Vessel leaving wake in Milton Harbor. Summons issued.

7/21: Preston Street caller reported suspicious black male soliciting, described as wearing light blue button down shirt, white jean shorts, going door to door. Canvassed area with negative results.

7/21: Caller reported solicitors in area without permit. Stated she was on no-knock list, they came to door anyway. Forest Avenue and Philips Lane.

7/21: Janice, how many times have we told you, keep it down. Caller reported hearing female screaming at home on Grace Church Street. Small group of youths listening to music.

7/22: Caller reported underage drinking at Brevoort Lane party, cars parked all over. Party shut down, cars checked leaving, alcohol sensor test for drivers, all .00, other guests spending night.

7/22: Security at shore club reported two males had jumped fence, taken a rowboat and paddled south. Negative results of search.

7/22: Seaside restaurant requested officer for assistance with negligent parent.

7/22: Caller reported youths playing ding-dong-ditch at his Milton Road home, keep ringing bell and running away.

7/23: Report of coyote going through garbage at Rye Fish & Game Club.

7/23: Caller reported two large coyotes standing in tall grass on Sackett Landing at 8:45 pm.

7/25: Stuyvesant Avenue caller reported bicycle taken from detached garage along with iPad from vehicle.

7/25: Maybe try a Camry next time. Marriott Courtyard guest reported overnight vehicle larceny. Parked rented silver Mercedes in hotel lot.

7/25: Walk-in turned in iPod found in roadway.

7/26: Vehicle hit telephone pole, overturned on BPR with driver inside. Ambulance, Con Ed, Verizon all on scene.

7/26: Voyage terminated. Four fishermen launching in 10-foot row boat from Town Dock, Milton Road. Deteriorating weather conditions.

7/26: Voyage terminated for two kayakers in Milton Harbor.

7/26: Several evening reports of large branches downing wires, Central Avenue, Old Post Road, Playland Access, and Theall Road.

7/26: Report of large tree down on two parked vehicles on Milton Road.

7/27: Report of solicitors without permit on Phillips Lane. Negative results from search.

7/27: Injured baby deer with bent front leg in yard on Graham Court. Wildlife Rehab notified.

7/27: Island Drive caller reported she left a grill at end of her driveway and unknown person(s) took it.

7/28: Fare to Midland result? Taxi driver reported that person he transported refused to pay him. Situation rectified.

7/28: Midland Avenue caller reported man sleeping in vehicle. Party told officer he was tired, taking a nap before heading home.

7/28: VHF call, AYC vessel stuck on Scotch Caps. Skipper managed to get off the rocks with minor damage to boat, no injuries.

7/28: Report of solicitors walking door to door on Magnolia Place without a permit.

7/29: Caller reported vehicle heading westbound on Playland Parkway in eastbound lane at 1 a.m.

7/29: Kirby Lane homeowner awoke to find white female in his house at 5:18 a.m. Victim confronted her and intruder fled in a black vehicle.

7/29: Deer caught in iron fence on Anchor Drive. Removed with homeowner’s assistance.

7/29: Report of teenagers drinking in area behind Rye Rec Damiano building.

7/30: Caller complained of attempt to change his address on his Chase bank account.

8/2: Young coyote seen running down Milton Road towards Resurrection School at 2:44 a.m.

8/2: Cedar Place caller reported CT-plated Camry blocking her driveway. Driver could not be located. Duty tow service dispatched.

8/3: Cottage Street resident reported computer stolen from vehicle overnight.

8/3: Midland Avenue Bank reported large amount of money missing since 8/1.

8/3: Report of a coyote in Graham Court yard at 5:30 p.m.

8/3: Female walk-in reported concern for welfare of dog in pick-up truck at McCullough Place/Purdy Avenue. Little fellow appeared okay, windows were open a crack.

8/3: Officers called to Marriott Courtyard twice by manager. Mother and son were arguing over his treatment of her. On second visit, parties advised to get separate rooms for night and stay away from each other.

8/4: Report of a man on bike identifying himself as police officer and advising workers to cease working until 10 a.m.

8/4: Report of a coyote roaming Graham Court area at 2:20 p.m.

8/4: Just clowning around. Rye Town Park security reported patron dressed in clown outfit on beach possibly smoking marijuana. Security said he was acting weird. Man was enjoying the beach with family.

8/4: Caller reported coyote crossing from Rye Presbyterian Church to Rye Middle School around 9 p.m.

8/4: Return of the Pizza Gang! Caller reported large group of youths creating a disturbance on Village Green. Kids eating pizza, asked to disperse.

8/5: Caller reported small group walking at 1 a.m. near Stuyvesant and Van Wagenen avenues with beer cans in their hands. Group advised of City Code. I.D. verified.

8/5: Phillips Lane caller complained of youths creating a disturbance at home where she believed neighbors were away. Legal age confirmed. Party shut down.

8/5: Brown Avenue caller complained of construction going on opposite her home in violation of City ordinance. Masons advised.

8/5: Trains down due to tree on tracks, causing massive crowds at Station Plaza.

8/6: Extra patrol car requested for Rye Rec, Midland Avenue, due to past larcenies during sporting events, weeknight games.

8/7: Victoria’s Permit. Report of lumber, building materials blocking sidewalk/parking spots in front of former Victoria’s Secret location. Permits to close sidewalk in window all in order.

8/7: Walk-in recovered credit card found on train platform.

8/9: Car 94 Where Are You? Rye Town Park golf cart #94 located on Harrison side of Bradford Avenue. Park notified.

8/9: High Street? Not going there. Caller reported youths smoking marijuana and getting rowdy at Gagliardo Park at High Street/Clinton Avenue.

8/10: Midland Avenue leaf blower violation, 8:43 am. Summons issued to landscaper.

8/10: Caller reported truck struck bridge by Station Plaza/Purchase Street, lodged underneath. Cars dispatched, traffic shut down. Vehicle towed.

8/10: Six-pack. Check of six fishermen at town dock, no violations.

8/11: Elmwood Avenue caller reported youths broke her fence getting into her backyard, threw beer cans everywhere.

8/11: Complaint of skateboarders making noise at corner of Reymont and Morehead Avenues.

8/12: Taxi operator reported person fell on train tracks and was walking southbound on tracks. Advised to flag down patrol car. White male with dark sweater, possibly intoxicated, unable to locate.

8/12: Geroge Langeloh Court caller reported screams coming from neighboring yard. Just resident yelling at his pet bird to be quiet.

8/13: Midland Avenue resident reported numerous harassing phone calls harassing her. Complainant said receiving calls from suspicious parties stating they work for FedEx and UPS, having packages for her, will deliver for a fee. Unknown parties with heavy Spanish accents.

8/13: Report of daily reoccurrence of suspicious person in red Sonata in spot #1, Car Park #1. Party waits three days a week for wife who works out at YMCA.

8/13: Caller stated neighbor placing grass clippings in area of property. Called second time saying neighbor looked like had a gun. Third call stated man was now in bushes. Caller advised to stay home and not approach. Officers took sworn statements.


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