Police Blotter 9-7-12

0:00   8/17: Rye Town Park security reported overnight graffiti damage. 8/17: Officers in process of impounding vehicle at First Street and Station Plaza for scofflaw violations […]

Published September 19, 2012 7:06 PM
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8/17: Rye Town Park security reported overnight graffiti damage.

8/17: Officers in process of impounding vehicle at First Street and Station Plaza for scofflaw violations when owner arrived. Party settled on scene and paid tow-hooking fee.

8/17: Two youths, aged 8 and 7, reported missing near Playland Park upper circle. Westchester County PD requested assistance. Youths found.

8/17: Caller reported her mother driving Ford Escape in an intoxicated state on Post Road by Hillside Road and unwilling to pull over.

8/18: Wallet reported stolen from vehicle at Rye Golf Club.

8/18: Dog reported stuck on roof at Water’s Edge residence. RFD was able to retrieve dog.

8/18: Caller reported pug-like dog repeatedly runs around Soundview Avenue neighborhood off leash. Owner refuses to leash dog.

8/19: Report of loud music at 1:15 a.m. Complainant was on Philips Lane and stated he thought party was on Butler Court. Homeowner advised to bring party inside.

8/19: County fire control reported ambulance request for 16-year-old male feeling dizzy. Said he was not feeling well to avoid homework according to mother.

8/19: Second noise complaint at 2:52 a.m. at Butler Court. Code violation for Disturbing the Peace. Summons issued.

8/19: Rocks on Scotch. Vessel reported in distress outside the Scotch Caps. Patrol Boat #1 carried four persons to municipal marina. Operator stayed with vessel, waited for tow from brother.

8/19: North Street caller reported seeing large coyote in her backyard at 7:22 p.m.

8/19: Officer hit a deer at Milton Road/Playland Parkway. Car #14 damaged.

8/20: “They often call about Speedo, but my…” Third party caller stated tall Caucasian male, wearing black Speedo, exposed himself to people on the beach. Beach checked and everyone covered.

8/20: Caller reported black male checking out vehicles parked in closed gas station at BPR/Orchard Avenue. Party was looking for his car left for service during day.

8/20: Caller reported vehicle driving fast in Community Synagogue parking lot and loud music. Parties gone on arrival.

8/20: Bad dog, Rover. 2012 Land Rover impounded for $315 in outstanding tickets in Car Park #1, Elm Place and Locust Avenue.

8/23: Brevoort Lane resident reported suspicious unknown party in black Toyota Prius parked in her driveway. Vehicle checked out. Man was at wrong address on lane.

8/23: Retrieving the retriever. Black retriever found at Brown and Apawamis avenues reunited with owner.

8/23: Roll-her Derby. CVS manager requested patrol unit to disperse group skateboarding in parking lot. Stated they almost knocked down elderly patron. Officer spoke with group of kids sitting on wall, advised them of complaint. They moved on.

8/23: Responding to call at 10:22 p.m., unit found vehicle with flashing lights at Forest Avenue and Halls Lane. Man in front of vehicle painting markings in road. Van with two strobes pulled up. No reflectors, no flagman. Parties advised of safety issues and shutdown if no compliance.

8/26: Yes, but did they catch anything? Check of nine fishermen at Playland Cove showed no violations.

8/26: Several 911 calls reported multiple vehicle accident at Forest Avenue and Smith Lane. Witness observed silver Mercedes cross from Manursing Avenue to Drake Smith Lane without stopping. A dark gray Audi wagon traveling south on Forest Avenue hit Mercedes on driver side, spinning both vehicles to side of road.

8/27: At 3 a.m., female resident of The Osborn called to report an unknown male had broken into her apartment and beaten her.

8/27: Who is keeping whom? Harbor Lane babysitter reported a missing housekeeper somewhere in the house.

8/27: Hedge Funk. Milton Road neighbors cross-complaint involving shared hedge. One party to refrain from cutting hedge until he proves it’s his. Statements taken.

8/28: Over, under, but not through! Truck stuck under overpass, Purchase Street/Station Plaza.

8/28: Caller stated male from Rye Hospital came onto his property and asked for a light, then ran back towards the hospital. Officers spoke with staff who confirmed adult white male had left the property and walked across the street for a match. Officers informed him he was not to leave the grounds. Man responded he was new there and understood.

8/29: Jewelry shop caller reported suspicious vehicle with two occupants inside. Individuals came into shop separately, acting strange.

8/30: Caller reported City Code violation of organic waste in front of George Langeloh Court address more than 24 hours before pickup. Bundle of branches left out on Thursday for Wednesday collection.

8/30: Rye Road/Captain’s Lane caller reported disoriented male with clipboard walking onto her neighbor’s property. Individual was passing out literature for local candidate.

8/30: Woof, woof. Midland Avenue caller reported barking dog.

8/31: Coyote sighted crossing Forest Avenue into Philips Lane at 2 a.m.

8/31: New Rochelle PD requested assistance with vessel taking water off their coastline. Small vessel by Buoy #42 with pumps deployed. Vessel towed without incident.

8/31: Coyote sighted at 9:35 p.m. in backyard of Island Drive residence.

9/1: Operation Safeguard check of Playland parking lot area, 7 a.m. All secure.

9/1: Theall Road caller reported suspicious cooler hidden across from Rye Manor. Unknown party left empty cooler on Osborn Home premise. Security advised to remove.

9/1: Caller reported homeowner left refrigerator with door still attached at curb. Resident advised despite language barrier to remove doors prior to placing out for pick-up.

9/1: Resident requested assistance retrieving cell phone from storm drain, Grace Church Street/Kirby Lane. Unreachable.

9/1: Caller reported loud music in Rye Town Park vicinity, 11:30 p.m. Coming from Tiki Bar.

9/2: Report of male screaming on NY side of Metro-North tracks. Subject asked to lower his voice.

9/2: Extra patrol, Osborn Retirement Community. Nothing unusual to report.

9/3: Caller reported car locked in Rye Town Park, 3:30 a.m. Vehicle in lot, caller not found.


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