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Published December 30, 2019 5:30 PM
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                                                                     Dylan, Naia, and Ava with Luna

Rye Rescues







Although Rye residents Sonal Shah and Greg Corbanese are experienced dog owners, they resisted their children’s pleas for a puppy for years. Last summer they decided that spring of 2020 would be the right time. By July 2019, Sonal had developed a “serious case of puppy fever”. They were on the fence about whether to adopt or go through a breeder, but in October, when they saw Luna on petfinder.com, they had their answer.



Luna was the lone survivor of a litter of puppies found on the side of a road near the Texas-Mexico border. An organization called the Great Divide got her to a foster home in Texas. Six weeks later, volunteers drove through the night to bring her, as well as other rescues, to various pre-planned meeting sites where anxious adopters were waiting to pick up their new dogs. “She looked so sweet in her picture and after reading her story I knew she was the dog for us. I filled out the application and was immediately contacted by volunteers at the Great Divide. The next day, I had an hour-and-a-half conversation with one of the volunteers.”


The couple wanted the dog to be a surprise for their kids — Naia, Ava, and Dylan, who are respectively 16, 10, and 7. They picked her up in mid-October without them. Sonal recalled, “When we got to the foster family’s home, we saw Luna playing with the other dogs, jumping and nipping away. She took to us immediately and slept the entire way home in the car on my lap. The kids were stunned at the sight of a puppy in the house. They could not speak for several minutes and cried tears of joy. They immediately started to bond.”


Since Luna is teething, she loves to chew anything she can get in her mouth. She also loves to run around the backyard, dig it up, and chase squirrels. She has recently discovered the many deer that roam through the family’s yard. “She doesn’t know what to make of them yet so she runs in circles and barks at them.” A few days ago, she found a dead mole in the yard and brought it to them as a ‘present.’ She also loves her doggy playdates with our neighbor’s dog, Carlie, who is also a rescue. The kids in the neighborhood have been excited to have a new dog around, so they have come over to play with her as well.”


Besides running around, Luna loves to meet new people and play fetch. After a hard day’s work, she’s always ready to snuggle up on the couch with the family.


Because she is still a puppy, she does not know her limitations. Sonal shared: “Luna will sleep on the top portion of the couch and then fall off once she’s asleep. She also tries to climb into our bed with a bone in her mouth but will tumble because she can’t do both.”


Dylan said, “I love Luna because she’s cute and playful. I like playing with her, running around with her, and just hanging out with her. And she’s a good snuggler.”


Ava added, “It’s fun to give her baths. She’s a good companion and I love Luna because she’s really therapeutic and makes me feel good. I look forward to taking her to dog parks to play with other dogs when she gets older.” At first, Naia was worried about her allergies, but Luna’s enthusiasm is infectious and makes me laugh every time.  She is always happy to see me and her whole-body wags.”


Sonal knows she made the right decision adopting Luna. “She has brought so much love, warmth, and fun to our family. The kids are actively participating in taking care of her and she has brought a sense of togetherness to our home.”


“I hope more families look into rescue dogs — they are great!”



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