RYE RESCUES: Ladybug on the Boardwalk

It was love at first sight when she saw the picture of Ladybug in a basket.  

Published October 24, 2015 6:41 PM
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RRthumbIt was love at first sight when she saw the picture of Ladybug in a basket.



By Caroline Walker

Rye-Rescues-LadybugIt was love at first sight when she saw the picture of Ladybug in a basket. Gail Langeloh had been looking for a canine walking companion for a while and knew without a doubt that she would rescue, so when the New Rochelle Humane Society ran the ad with the sweet picture of Ladybug, Gail was hooked.

At their first meeting at the shelter it was clear that Ladybug too was sure this was the perfect fit. So enthusiastic and loving was Ladybug that she jumped all over both Gail and her daughter Kate, showering them with perhaps a bit too much wild and crazy love. Ladybug was hyper beyond belief and had mange. She was “one hot mess,” said Gail, but as a savvy dog-lover, Gail could see through all that and knew she had a winner on her hands. Ladybug was moving to Rye!  And the New Rochelle Humane Society helped Gail treat Ladybug to get rid of the mange, no problem at all.

Almost all dogs that have spent time in cages get the “zoomies” as some people call them, or do “crack laps” as Gail calls Ladybug’s crazy running around, when they finally get out of the crate.  Dogs that have been in the shelter for a long time often need lots of patient and gentle care in order to learn the routines and to trust their new family members.

Born in Kentucky, Ladybug had spent 15 months in shelters before being adopted by Gail. Yet despite her rough start in life, Ladybug’s sweet disposition won all kinds of fans. Ladybug was so determined to please that she “settled right down,” says Gail. “All she needed was someone to love her.  She just got it.”

Naturally there was training to be done in the beginning, particularly teaching Ladybug to walk on leash. Initially thinking she would shorten Ladybug’s name to just “Lady,” there was a funny incident on a walk when Ladybug raced up to a woman and jumped on her and Gail said, “Jeeze, Lady,” only to realize later that the woman probably thought she was talking to her! So Ladybug stayed Ladybug.

You’ve probably seen Gail and Ladybug walking around Rye, on the boardwalk or in the park. Next time you do, make sure to say hello to this lovely pair. It’s clear they are smitten with each other, and it is another happy rescue story.

Rescuing is the way to go – there are so many wonderful dogs that just need someone to believe in them. They may have mange, may jump on you in the beginning, but underneath is a heart of gold and a dog that is waiting for someone to love. Rescue dogs are forever grateful and loving, as Ladybug so beautifully proves. And how wonderful it is to know you’ve saved a life.

If you have a rescue story to share, write to RyeRescues@ gmail.com. We’ve been flooded with stories lately, which is happy news indeed. Join the crowd and rescue.

— Photo courtesy of Geoff Tischman


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