RYE RESCUES Sept 25, 2015

Frank and Joy Grese adopted Danny (“Daniel” when he is being mischievous) eight years years ago.

Published September 26, 2015 7:44 PM
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rr-thFrank and Joy Grese adopted Danny (“Daniel” when he is being mischievous) eight years years ago.

rresecuesFrank and Joy Grese adopted Danny (“Daniel” when he is being mischievous) eight years years ago. They were introduced at the nationally recognized Main Line Animal Rescue in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, where, although a favorite among the volunteers, he had resided for two long years without finding a permanent home. At the time, the shepherd/whippet mix was about 3 years old.  

The timing of Danny’s arrival into the Greses’ lives could not have been more significant, just two months before Joy’s mother passed away from cancer. He immediately became a best friend, confidante, and (furry) shoulder to cry on. Joy and Frank are quick to share that it was Danny who “rescued” them.

He has been their faithful companion ever since, easily and cheerfully adapting to change and various new surroundings, from the suburbs of Philadelphia, to New York City, and, most recently, to Rye (Rye is his favorite, hands down).

Each and every day Danny brings joy and entertainment — from his quirky, playful way of prancing when excited, to his bat-like ears that move in a multitude of directions to reflect each and every mood, to his penchant for finding the most comfortable spot to curl up for a nap, and his love of treats both canine and human, including pizza crust, ice cream, coffee yogurt, potato soup, and more.

Danny’s favorite things are life’s simple pleasures: a walk in Rye Town Park or downtown to Starbucks, a ride in the car (preferably in the passenger seat), or a nap in the sunshine — and his enjoyment is contagious.

The Greses are adamant that life is better with a dog, and even more so with a rescue. They are amazed at their good fortune in finding a dog that spent so much of his life in a shelter, yet has such a wonderful spirit and balanced temperament. They have encountered a number of families with similar rescue stories and urge anyone looking to add a dog, cat, or other pet to their family to consider adoption first. There are so many fantastic pets to choose from to find the right one for your family.

If you have a rescue story to share, please send it to RyeRescues@gmail.com. Thanks to photographer Geoffrey Tischman for donating his time and skills to Rye Rescues.



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