RYE RESCUES: Week of Jan 16, 2015

Robin Latimer has had rescue dogs all her life. She shared her story of Heidi, Freckles, Oreo, and Biscuit.

Published January 18, 2015 5:14 PM
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RYE-RESCUES-thRobin Latimer has had rescue dogs all her life. She shared her story of Heidi, Freckles, Oreo, and Biscuit.


RYE-RESCUESRobin Latimer has had rescue dogs all her life. She shared her story of Heidi, Freckles, Oreo, and Biscuit.

Let me begin by saying all of our dogs have been rescue dogs.  I loved them all and my life is richer by loving each and every one.  

As a child, a terrier mix named Heidi came into our lives from Harrison Human Society. She was my best friend and lived through most of my teen years and loved me anyway.

When I married, we adopted Freckles, a timid, German Shepherd/Chihuahua mix from a Ravenna, Ohio shelter. She looked like a German Shepherd puppy that weighed 14 pounds and had big ears. She was a lovable little dog who had been abused and afraid of everything. I had to teach her to do most dog things. People who saw me would laugh as I barked when the doorbell rang (she would cower under the dining room table).  

Freckles did overcome some of her shyness, but not all. She became a second mother to our daughter and when Meagan cried, Freckles would come and get me and if I waited (to see if the crying stopped), she would pace until I checked her personally. She was with us for 13 wonderful years.

 Two months after Freckles left us we were so heartbroken we went to Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk. I took Meagan out of her after-school religion class to meet a black-haired American Eskimo mix. Not sure what the mix was, but getting to know him I would say Border collie. Oreo was fast, energetic, and comical. He loved the snow and being a black dog would come in totally white from playing and burying his face in the “white stuff”. He was a character all right. One night, we had a “home party” of clothing with a mirror set up in the living room. Oreo saw his reflection for the first time on his level and couldn’t stop barking at himself. All of us just started laughing and the mirror had to be removed.

Oreo’s one fault was that he hated going to the vet, so we had to muzzle him. Because he had been abused, he had some trust issues. When we first brought him home and for a few months after, he would eat with his back arched. I asked a trainer why and was told that by the way he stood while eating he may have been kicked while scrounging for food. He was just waiting for the kick. So, while he ate, I crouched down and stroked him and spoke in a calming voice. Eventually, he relaxed and only on occasion would I see him arch his back.

I always watched him with people he didn’t know. His eyes and manners would speak volumes, and I knew when I had to step in and calm him.  I had turned into his security blanket so to speak.

Oreo spent 15 years with us. The last year and a half, he was on five pills twice a day for heart and valve issues. A dog that was supposed to live only six months fought a courageous fight and stayed with us for an additional year. 

Our hearts were broken again, but the longing for another four-legged friend was strong. George didn’t want to rush into another dog, saying we had to give Oreo his time of grieving. However, I was checking the adoptable dogs online regularly. 

After filling out a few applications on different dogs and being told they were already adopted, we came upon the Burke County Humane Society, also known as Friends for Animals in Morganton, N.C. A 5-month-old Chihuahua/Terrier mix puppy was up for adoption. His story was traumatic. Soon after he was born, he was thrown into a shelter, adopted, and then returned to the shelter. 

After we decided to adopt Biscuit, he arrived by van in Shelton, Conn. It was challenging introducing a Southern dog to snow (which he didn’t like or know what to do with). I picked this frightened little guy up and he put his head on my chest and stared at my face as if to see if I really was going to keep him, stay with him.  This happened for three days.  He was so scared and my heart grew with such love for him.  He is now totally in our hearts and is such a happy little one who looks at life as a new adventure every day.

Biscuit is the epitome of unconditional love. He is always happy to see you, showers you with kisses, and even plays with kittens. Before he goes to sleep at night, he must kiss you. When I am home, he is content just to know I am in the house. However, if I pick up my laptop, he will come running with his toy and throw it on the keyboard. If that doesn’t stop me from work, he will continue throwing it over the top of the screen and toward my face. You have to laugh at his tactics. 

There are thousands of dogs and cats in shelters across the country, all looking to enjoy life outside the confines of cages and striving for a forever home filled with love. Their life may have started out wrong, but they deserve a second chance and the love and joy they bring to our lives is priceless. So, I for one will always adopt a rescue.


If you have a rescue story to share, write to us at RyeRescues@gmail.com.

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