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0:00 Foundation of Learning, Faith, Family Resurrection School has already hit the ground running for the 2023-2024 school year. Over the summer, they made a […]

Published August 24, 2023 5:52 PM
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Foundation of Learning, Faith, Family

Resurrection School has already hit the ground running for the 2023-2024 school year. Over the summer, they made a splash with The Little’s Camp, their very first early childhood camp run by school staff. 

They are proud to have one of the most robust enrollments for a Catholic school in Westchester County, with nearly 500 students registered for pre-K through 8th grade. 

Resurrection boasts half a dozen pre-K classes and one K-Prep class. Principal GinaMarie Fonte says, “Kindergarten is the new first grade, so we added a K-Prep class for children who may not be quite ready for Kindergarten — whether for social, emotional, or academic reasons — and make sure they’re ready.” 

In addition to the 2s program run by the parish, they have expanded their early childhood education offerings with a brand-new 2s Plus program, headed by Lauren Chaput, for little ones who are not yet toilet trained.

Towards the end of the 2022-2023 school year, Resurrection made significant improvements to the campus, specifically regarding safety. “We heard the concerns of our families and responded by hiring a campus security guard. Going into the new school year, we have hired a permanent School Safety Officer to oversee both the grammar and middle schools,” said Ms. Fonte. 

Among the other important safety measures put in place are:

 • A newly installed video surveillance system that will monitor the exterior of both the Grammar and Middle schools, as well as the surrounding grounds.

•Protective security film on all exterior glass doors and lower windows.

•All staff will be equipped with portable radios for better and faster communication, if the need arises.

•New safety doors and new boilers for both the Grammar and Middle schools.

When students return to campus, they, and their families, will be excited to see a number of new spaces as well as improved spaces: a student lounge where middle schoolers can study, relax, or play games; a new wing for the Two-Year Plus program; upgraded smart rooms with an interactive room for younger children; a renovated Grammar School cafeteria; new landscaping at the parking lot entrance to the Grammar School building.

Resurrection is pleased to announce the hiring of two new Middle School teachers, Caitlyn McElroy and Dean Penzabene, Math and Social Studies teachers, respectively. The Middle School will also welcome a new Administrative Assistant, Karen Granucci.

There is lots of buzz about the future of Artificial Intelligence, especially when it comes to its use in education.

“The introduction of Artificial Intelligence-powered solutions into classrooms and educational systems promises to revolutionize the approach to learning, teaching, and communicating,” said Ms. Fonte. “The potential to further connect schools and families is profound, provided we release this transformative technology effectively.”

She added, “While it’s important to move forward with transformative technology, elementary schools are the foundational years for children and should be managed and handled with care. We must find the delicate balance between advancing our students and providing a good foundation. AI is not good for a child’s foundational skills. You will not learn to write or communicate well. A computer doing critical thinking skills for a child who is learning is just not good. We would be cheating our students by not giving them an opportunity to attain those wholesome foundations needed for them to be successful.” 

When we asked Ms. Fonte what makes Resurrection special, she replied, “Resurrection is a place where your child will get a great education. We believe a focus in foundational skills — reading, writing, math, penmanship — is what sets us apart. But we also make sure your child feels safe and loved, whether they are in pre-K or an eighth grader. When your child comes to this school, they also learn to be a good citizen, and love the flag and their country.

“Everyone who passes through our doors is a part of our story — the RES story. Out of last year’s graduating eighth graders, fifteen of them had been together since kindergarten. That’s because Resurrection is a place you want to be to learn and grow. It’s a place you want to send your kids. RES is not just a school, it’s FAITH, and it’s FAMILY. It’s the people who make it so special.”

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