County Exec Accentuates the Positives Under Democrats

0:00 I read with great interest the letter from Rye resident Bozidar Jovanovic (October 28, 2022 issue) who encouraged all voters to vote out all […]

Published November 9, 2022 12:04 AM
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I read with great interest the letter from Rye resident Bozidar Jovanovic (October 28, 2022 issue) who encouraged all voters to vote out all Democrats on the ballot — every single one of them. He cited the unemployment rate, and the move-out rate to Florida as examples of voter unhappiness with Democrats.

As a 37-year Rye resident and the County Executive who has governed Westchester for the last five years, I thought perhaps a more balanced commentary was needed.

We Democrats who run Westchester have some important statistics to remind those same voters:

• From the 2010 Census to the 2020 Census, Westchester’s population INCREASED by almost 6% to a record 1 million+ people. Houses on the market anywhere in this County are being snapped up almost immediately as new residents take the place of those who, for any number of reasons, seek Florida warmth;

• My Democratic Administration, with the support of legislators like neighbor Catherine Parker, has CUTCounty property taxes in three straight years, and we’ve announced another cut for 2023. Don’t take my word for it; look at your County tax bill and see for yourself that it has dropped 15% in the past three years. That’s not “tax-and-spend” policies, but rather smart policies;

• Since we took charge, the bond rating agencies have reversed the drop in bond rating that occurred previously and now have us on a stable outlook;

• We have fixed the long neglected capital projects we inherited, from repaving Theodore Fremd to investing in Playland and projects all across the County; 

• We have dramatically increased funding to our law enforcement departments — Police, Corrections, and Probation  — and seen a dramatic drop in crime comparing 2017 to 2022.

I could go on. Suffice it to say those who are committed to their party’s ideology have every right to vote their way, but they cannot misrepresent the results that have occurred right here in Westchester. Democrats have performed bi-partisanly and effectively.

We can continue the conversation over coffee at Poppy’s Cafe in the morning, or at Kelly’s or Rye Roadhouse over a beer at night.

I’m a local Rye guy doing my best to run this County well. Democrat or Republican notwithstanding.

— George Latimer

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