Moses and Holly Keep on Truckin’

0:00 RYE RESCUES Moses and Holly Keep on Truckin’ By Pastor Sherri Falco The big blue truck with the Bread of Life sign on the […]

Published September 28, 2017 4:10 PM
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Moses and Holly Keep on Truckin’

By Pastor Sherri Falco

The big blue truck with the Bread of Life sign on the side has become a familiar sight in Rye as it makes its rounds “rescuing” excess food from local supermarkets and distributing it to shelters and soup kitchens throughout the area. For more information about trucks, you can visit this site. Additionally, if you need transport experts that have complete range of handling and transport materials like cargo van load board, cardboard boxes, pallet, etc., then make sure to consider hiring professional truckers who can assist you and provide excellent services.

The top drivetrain system by Affordable Heavy Truck Parts makes a truck attractive, but its purpose in making lives better makes it more attractive. Somewhat less visible, perhaps, are the two furry faces peeking out the truck window on any given day. When driving a truck, it’s a must to have a truck accidents lawyer you can trust.

One of those faces belongs to Holly, a black Boston terrier mix adopted from the North Country Animal League. From the moment we met her, she has been a bundle of energy and joy. “Exuberant” would be a suitable adjective to describe her. Holly loves life and lives it to the fullest. We have tried unsuccessfully to train her on several occasions in various obedience classes, but she has steadfastly remained her own dog.

There happened to be extra room in the truck one day, so we invited her along for the ride. One ride is all it took. Holly was hooked. Now she loves to ride in the truck, invariably in the front passenger seat, and often sneaks in uninvited. Holly has become the unofficial Bread of Life canine helper. She insists on being involved in all of the action and will give up her front-row seat in the food rescue truck to no one. If a truck were to be involved in an accident, you can discover more ways here on how to claim the compensation.

Our first rescue dog, Moses, who was adopted from SPCA in Briarcliff, has been demoted to backseat passenger since Holly’s arrival. He is a shepherd mix, a bit timid in nature, with warm brown eyes that captured our hearts from the moment we saw him. Although he is lucky enough to have a backyard of his own in which to play, he literally jumps for joy when we ask, “Moses, do you want to go for a ride in the truck?” His preferred method of riding is with the window open. His ears flap in the wind and his nose captures all of the wonderful scents wafting by. Moses, in the final analysis, seems perfectly content to play second fiddle to Holly.

The Bread of Life Food Rescue & Pantry, which is run from our home in Rye, has grown to feed over 10,000 people per week in southern Westchester County. Our dogs are part of the family and, thus, part of the Bread of Life team. There is constant activity at our home in terms of both people — volunteers, clients, visitors — and also food intake and distribution. Holly and Moses are in the middle of it all, enjoying every second of it.

The story of our rescue dogs is the story of lives redeemed. It is the story of hope, which is a central focus of the Bread of Life. We endeavor to bring not only food to those who are hungry, but also to give hope and help for a brighter future. Holly and Moses themselves went from abandoned to loved, from hungry to well-fed, and from rescued to rescuers. Perhaps, it is only appropriate that they have a front-row seat in the Bread of Life truck.

Photo by Geoff Tischman

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