To Rye, Liz Ross Will Always Return

0:00 Liz Ross and her merry band of men  When you’re one of seven children, chances are you receive an early education in rolling with […]

Published June 4, 2021 3:46 PM
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Liz Ross and her merry band of men 

When you’re one of seven children, chances are you receive an early education in rolling with the punches. Liz (D’Agostino) Ross remembers a noisy and fun childhood growing up on the Westchester Country Club grounds. After her father left the supermarket business, the family moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, which was “certainly a change of pace”, she said. 

Happily, she married George Ross, who grew up on Plymouth Road, close to the club. “Our parents had known each other for a long time and it’s safe to say that everyone knew everyone at our wedding,” she said.  

The couple lived first on Stuyvesant Avenue and then moved to Bellevue on the County Club grounds, but the windows fogged and “the house had issues.” In 2006, when George came home and said they should sell the house <now>, they moved with their four boys to a wonderful family street, Rockridge Road, and there they have remained. 

“It’s hard for us to imagine living anywhere else but Rye,” she said. “It’s a town that calls to you.” 

When the Ross’ youngest boy was in preschool, Liz, whose background is in retail — Ralph Lauren and St. John Knits — got her real estate license and went to work at Merritt Associates. From there she went to Houlihan Lawrence and now works at Compass. 

“Real estate is the perfect industry for me because it’s fast-moving. Last spring, I sold a house over the phone!”  

She added, “When confronted with a pandemic, you discover lots about yourself and what you’re capable of. In my case, it was recognizing that I am a capable person who loves figuring things out, including how to help buyers out in the craziest of markets.” 

The people part of the business is her favorite. “I enjoy making people feel welcome and comfortable, and I want to be helpful. My clients know they can count on me to go back and measure a room, provide them with resources, whatever they need.” 

Liz is happy to be working at Compass because “we do so much on our own. I get up early and I work on SkySlope, which is a great tool for realtors. And then I get on a Peloton, which really wakes you up!”  

She’d rather be outside playing tennis or golf, however, and if the real estate market ever slows down this summer, expect to find her on a court or a course. You’ll have no difficulty spotting her as she’ll be the one smiling and in perpetual motion. 

  • Robin Jovanovich 

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