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0:00         By Maureen Mancini Amaturo Pantone says this year’s choice is a “reflection on a collective cultural moment,” demonstrating “our shared […]

Published January 24, 2018 10:01 PM
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By Maureen Mancini Amaturo

Pantone says this year’s choice is a “reflection on a collective cultural moment,” demonstrating “our shared desire for deeper understanding in an increasingly complex landscape and our eagerness to experiment to reach that level.” What shade could possibly take on such lofty responsibility? Ultra Violet.


Deep, mysterious, and provocative, Ultra Violet represents inventive spirit, imagination, ingenuity, magic, originality, the unconventional, and visionary thinking. It suggests the cosmos, discovery, and the future. It’s the color that symbolizes what is possible. From its better-known association with royalty to its identification with counterculture and artistic brilliance — think David Bowie, Prince, Jimi Hendrix — this color owns the concept of individuality. It’s the color of experimentation and non-conformity. No wonder it’s been a favorite among creatives, mindfulness practioners, and spiritualists.

About <THIS> Ultra Violet


It’s a blue-based purple, but versatile enough for both warm and cool complexions — after all, purple is a marriage of one cool shade (blue) and one warm shade (red). It’s an enchanting shade that lends itself to uncommon combinations and pairs with more colors than you might think. Also, it works across fashion categories from formal to athleisure, is well-suited to all ages, and is much more wearable than 2017’s high-wattage green. And when paired with metallic, it lives up to its royal connection.

Just a touch of Ultra Violet will bring energy and an update to already-in-the-closet outfits. How can you wear it?

For warm complexions, pair with:                                                                                          • Bronze, gold — royal and luxe.                                                                                      • Mauves, greens, grays, hazy or smoky hues — calm and elegant.                                                                          • Marigold, hot pink, poinsettia red, copper, melon — dramatic and brilliant.                                                                                                                        • Cashmere rose, burlwood, almond, ruby, peach-beige, beige — natural and organic.

For cool complexions:                                                                                            • • Mulberry, sparkling grape, periwinkle, pink — playful and exuberant.               • Chili pepper red, fuchsia, moss, hyacinth, olive — dramatic.                               • Deep teal/turquoise, citrus, raspberry, butter rum, muted orange —energetic and bold.                                                                                                              • Turkish blue, teal, olive, pale gold, pearlized black — strong and mysterious.                                                                                                               • • Gardenia, cherry blossom, lettuce green, peach, pale orchid, navy —enchanting.  

Try an Ultra Violet tassel earring, clutch, scarf, ankle boot. Grab a basic or graphic tee in this rich color to wear with a denim or leather jacket, shawl cardigan, or black blazer and jeans. Ultra Violet makes an intriguing evening look in velvet or satin but is equally powerful as an accent color for sneakers and workout wear. Accessories, jewelry, and eyewear in this shade add sumptuousness.

Makeup: Violet is the most universally flattering eye shadow (other than neutrals) and is especially great for brown eyes. True non-conformist? Try violet on lips and nails. Check out the Butter London Pantone 2018 Color of the Year collection at Ulta Beauty.

Guys, add an Ultra Violet shirt – solid, plaid, or print – sneakers, socks, and/or tie to the mix.

Wouldn’t Queen Elizabeth I be surprised to see fashionistas ambling in Ultra Violet. Lucky for us Sumptuary Laws are out of style. They forbade anyone but close royal family relatives from donning purple, so the color reflected the wearer’s wealth and regal status. Lucky again that English chemist William Henry Perkin accidentally created a synthetic purple compound while attempting to synthesize quinine, an anti-malaria drug, in 1856 making this decadent color accessible to the lower classes. And now Ultra Violet is color of the year. Take that, Elizabeth.     


Embrace the Magic


Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein, La Perla, Rochas, Gucci, and others featured Ultra Violet in their spring/summer ’18 collections. It’s already brightening streetwear globally. Each year, Pantone’s hero color infiltrates fashion, package design, graphic arts, and interior design. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to find the Dream UP V2 Espresso Machine in Ultra Violet on Amazon.


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