Police Blotter 4-13-12

Updated April 19 4/9: Keep that safe cold. Officer on patrol noticed a black backpack lying behind a tree on Hillside Road by Boston Post Road. Contents included 8 Bud Lites and 2 Coors Lights. Property placed in safe.

Published April 25, 2012 6:30 PM
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Updated April 19

4/9: Keep that safe cold. Officer on patrol noticed a black backpack lying behind a tree on Hillside Road by Boston Post Road. Contents included 8 Bud Lites and 2 Coors Lights. Property placed in safe.


4/4: Osborn Road resident victim of vehicle larceny between 11 p.m. and 5:50 a.m.

4/5: Perp on the loose. York Avenue resident complained loose change removed from two vehicles on his property.

4/5: Another York Avenue resident reported property taken from his car, parked in driveway overnight. No witnesses, no suspects.

4/5: Officer observed 1997 brown Nissan bearing NY plates, no inspection or registration sticker. NYSPIN inquiry revealed plate registered to another vehicle, operator’s privilege to drive in NYS suspended.

4/4: Osborn Road resident victim of vehicle larceny between 11 p.m. and 5:50 a.m.

4/3: Young female cyclist was struck by a vehicle and injured as she and her brother were crossing at the intersection of Highland Road and Purchase Street. According to the victim’s brother, they suddenly saw a black car coming fast that didn’t seem to see his sister.


Driver of black sedan later said that she could not see cyclist until the last second due to sun glare. She attempted to swerve, but collided with the cyclist before she was able to finish crossing.


Witness said victim was not wearing a helmet and had an earphone in one ear. After being struck by car, cyclist landed on sidewalk as bike flew, and suffered minor injuries.

4/1: Oregon or Bust-ed. Officer on patrol at Marriott observed southbound Gray Jeep on Midland Avenue without number-plate lamps. Before officer could conduct stop, driver pulled to side not using signal, claimed he had valid Oregon license. NYSPIN revealed driving privileges suspended in NY. Vehicle turned over to driver’s wife with valid NYS license. Offender taken to HQ.

4/1: Resident near McCullough Place reported damage to portion of white picket fence, removed from its position in ground. Several pieces broken, $500 damage.

4/2: Complainant reported unknown persons entered his garage on Hillcrest Lane, ransacked his vehicle.

4/2: Officer dispatched to Cloverdale Lane on report of overnight vehicular larceny. Property stolen from two separate vehicles.

4/2: Slim pickens. Complainant reported unknown person entered unlocked vehicle parked on Midland Avenue and removed $20 gift certificate and $5 cash.

4/2: Midland Avenue resident reported two GPS devices, valued at $340, stolen from his vehicles.

4/2: Intervale Place complainant stated $1,030 in cash removed from vehicle by unknown persons.

4/2: Owner of local pizza shop stated Midland Avenue resident did not pay delivery person for two large pizzas. Attempts to recoup unsuccessful.

4/2: Victim stated she was receiving threatening calls from owner of local pizza shop regarding money owed. Said she was fearful of delivery boy and did not pay. He had forgotten soda order. Complainant stated she told him, “How hard is your job? Are you that stupid,” prompting boy to drop pizzas on stoop and stare at her. When boy returned, complainant stated she was fearful, would not answer door. Officer delivered money owed to pizza shop.

4/3: Complainant reported he lost his wallet and French passport sometime after 4/1.

4/3: Identity theft. Complainant reported someone assumed his identity, moved $25,000 from his TD Bank accounts. Discovered by bank staff after transfer initiated by

Philadelphia branch. Other activity detected out of a Rhode Island branch. Fraud alerts activated.

4/3: Store employee said she left her bag in front of store after hours, after speaking with owners on other side of store. When she returned to work area, bag gone. Full search of area dumpsters and garbage cans conducted. No luck.

4/3: Intervale Place resident complained someone broke into his vehicle, parked outside his house overnight, and took a navigation unit and women’s Ray Ban sunglasses. Vehicle may have been unlocked.

4/3: Complainant stated she received health bill in mail. Unknown persons opened account using her personal information. Complainant later stated that charges were not fraudulent; her daughter had consented to charges.

3/14: No lights, no license, no luck. Vehicle observed driving without headlights. Stopped on Midland Avenue near Five Corners. Driver issued summonses for no license, no lights. Vehicle towed.

3/14: Officer on stationary patrol on Midland Avenue observed 2006 Mazda with no license plate lamp. NYSPIN revealed driver’s privilege to operate vehicle revoked. Vehicle towed. Defendant arrested, released on bail.

3/14: Officer on patrol at Midland and Peck Avenues observed white GMC Savanna van with no plate. Vehicle signaled to stop. Driver identified himself, stated plates belonged to another vehicle. NYSPIN revealed valid registration for Ford 150. Driver issued multiple summonses, vehicle impounded, plates confiscated.

3/15: Active $600 scofflaw vehicle discovered, seized, towed.

3/15: Officer observed vehicle enter Car Park #1 wrong way off Locust Avenue. Operator presented Guatemalan passport. Said he had no license, had borrowed the car.

Summons issued, vehicle impounded.

3/16: Complainant stated her vehicle damaged while being repaired at local garage. Complainant alleged manager promised to pay for repair before getting estimate. Later, garage claimed damage occurred elsewhere and could not reimburse. Civil complaint filed.

3/18: One bad turn deserves another. Officer observed gray Ford Ranger pickup making illegal right turn from Cedar Street onto Boston Post Road. NYSPIN check revealed registration suspended. Operator unable to produce registration and insurance card. Placed under arrest. Vehicle inventory uncovered a black jack and small bag under seat cover containing marijuana. Plates removed, vehicle impounded. Defendant released on bail.

3/18: Walk-in reported finding Sony Cybershot camera near train station. Recovered property form filed, camera tagged, placed in safe.

3/20: Officer on routine patrol observed black Jeep Grand Cherokee traveling south on Boston Post Road. Driver operated a cell phone while in motion. Subject identified himself via a NY license. Check revealed active warrant. Subject placed under arrest.

3/21: Officer on patrol in area of Boston Post Road and Peck Avenue alerted by plate-reader to vehicle with possible suspended registration. NYSPIN check showed license suspended for lapsed insurance. Driver arrested, car impounded.

3/21: Georgia peach? No, Bronx. Officer observed vehicle traveling north on McCullough Place with expired Georgia temp plate. Driver had no paperwork for vehicle and expired insurance card. No Georgia dealer plate information revealed via NYSPIN. Subject stated he purchased vehicle in Bronx, bought plates from man outside dealership. Several traffic summonses issued, vehicle towed, impounded.

3/21: Parking Enforcement Officer, while issuing expired meter summons in Car Park # 4, reported via phone unlawful destruction of parking ticket by violator. Vehicle drove up to officer, honking horn. Stopped beside him, yelling, “I’m not paying this.” Driver crumpled summons into ball. Threw it at officer before speeding off. City Code violation written for littering from vehicle. Parking summons sent to registered owner.

3/22: Complainant reported two bicycles stolen from rack near train station. Lock cut with bolt cutters between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. No witnesses.

3/22: Out of bounds. Complainant stated she mistakenly left her golf clubs in bag at Rye Golf parking lot. When she returned, they were gone.

3/23: Complainant stated that unknown person(s) entered Apawamis Club grounds and damaged one transformer, removed another. Value of property damaged: $2,726.

3/24: Officer observed 2012 white Acura speeding eastbound on Playland Parkway. Driver had no license or registration. Investigation showed driver’s license suspended in NYS. Arrested, vehicle released to defendant’s wife, who was also in vehicle.

3/25: Officer observed 2000 VW with inadequate stop lamps. NYSPIN revealed driver’s privileges suspended. Offender arrested, released on bail.

3/25: Caller reported male entered her garage. Also observed blue van driving around block several times. Officer located blue van occupied by three Hispanic males on Elizabeth Street at Evergreen Avenue matching description. Signaled car to stop. Van had PA tags. Driver had Ecuadorian passport, no license, said he was practicing how to drive. Passenger had no license. Impounded, no active warrants. Complainant stated nothing missing from garage.

3/25: Greenhaven Road resident and guest reported items stolen from their unlocked parked vehicles sometime the previous day. Missing articles were clothing, black purse, and computer case. Items later discovered in bushes nearby. Black purse with medication and three passports recovered. Wallet and $50 not recovered.

3/26: Graffitist rampant. Caller reported graffiti damage to wall facing Midland Avenue near Grace Church Street. Picture taken, owner’s deposition filed.

3/26: Three separate reports of graffiti damage in area of Cedar Place, Davis Avenue, and Sylvan Place. “PHASR” defacing roadway pavement.

3/26: More fresh graffiti on new wooden fence in vicinity of Midland and Holly Lane. Pentagram and “gore” or “core.”

3/28: Officer on stationary patrol observed Chevy S10 pickup making unlawful U-turn on Cottage Street. Driver stated he was unlicensed, vehicle belonged to a friend. NYSPIN revealed operator’s driving privileges suspended. Vehicle turned over to licensed driver on scene.

3/28: Owner reported his Red Mongoose BMX bike stolen from Station Plaza between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. No deposition taken, owner unable to read or write English.

3/28: Officer observed vehicle traveling south on Midland Avenue, driver operating cellphone in motion. Operator’s privilege to drive in NYS suspended. Vehicle impounded. Defendant released on bail.

3/29: Complainant reported license plates for leased vehicle stolen after he turned in vehicle. DMV contacted him to renew registration on plates he had not had for two years.

3/30: Officer observed vehicle traveling westbound on Thruway Access Drive. Operator not wearing seat belt, vehicle missing front license plate. Check revealed operator suspended for failure to answer Queens County scofflaw summons. Released on own recognizance.


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