Police Blotter 4-19-13

0:00   4/16: Westmore fuel truck in fire lane by Fire Headquarters, Locust Avenue/Haviland Lane. Warning issued.   4/16: Van blocking traffic lane, Purchase Street/Theodore Fremd. Warning. […]

Published May 1, 2013 6:45 PM
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4/16: Westmore fuel truck in fire lane by Fire Headquarters, Locust Avenue/Haviland Lane. Warning issued.


4/16: Van blocking traffic lane, Purchase Street/Theodore Fremd. Warning.


4/16: Seven plus seven plus seven plus…Milton Road complainant reported his vehicle’s mirror being damaged on regular basis.


4/15: Orange you glad he called. Caller reported possible safety issue at open Hillside Place construction site. Building Department notified. Orange tape came down.


4/14: Walk-in reported her bag missing, possibly left at Cosi.


4/14: Red pickup illegally parked on Franklin Avenue in “No Parking Here to Corner” zone. Vehicle moved.


4/14: Central Avenue/BPR, construction safety fencing down. DPW responded, put contractor’s fencing back in place.


4/14: Party recovered purse near Playland Parkway/Forest Avenue, surrendered to desk. Owner contacted, purse returned.


4/13: City Code violation, caller reported construction noise before 10 a.m. Harding Drive/Hughes Avenue. Warning.


4/13: City Code violation, contractor setting up to work on CVS wall, 9:30 a.m. Advised of code. Warning.


4/13: Early landscaper work, Graham Court, 9:40 a.m. Warning.


4/13: Go left on Bubbly, right at Blanc de Blancs. Caller reported champagne-colored older model Acura driving all over Theodore Fremd by Garver Drive. Lost motorist, given direction. 


4/13: Gotchya! Summons, construction work before 10 a.m. Locust Avenue.


4/13: Larchmont PD requested unit to verify reason for owner’s car in Larchmont with all doors open. No answer at Milton Point residence.


4/13: Sgt. Groglio advised mobile computer system shutdown, not responding.


4/13: Coyote sighting, 10 p.m. Forest Avenue/Bulkley Manor.


4/12: Check on vehicle parked on side of road with no light on by Playland Parkway/Beechwood Lane. Livery cab told to move.


4/12: Tree reported down, blocking Peck Avenue. Assisted with traffic, DPW cleared roadway.


4/12: Three parties soliciting for Starion Energy without permit. Identified, pedigrees filed.


4/12: Cars parked on northbound sidewalk across from RHS football field, waiting to pick up school athletes. Coaches advised of unsafe condition as cars pulled away. Coaches will advise parents.


4/12: Colony-oscopies? T & M Towing employee walk-in stated he booted several cars parked illegally on private property, Rye Colony.


4/12: Rye Beach Avenue caller reported silver Mercedes parked in driveway with hazards on, stated homeowner on vacation. Other resident advised it was his car, he had permission to use driveway, while his being repaved.


4/11: Report of possible wires sparking near TD Bank.


4/10: Extra morning patrol, RHS/RMS, Osborn School areas.


4/10: Fines, not dandy. Parking Enforcement Officer (PEO) Monahan reported two scofflaw vehicles, Car Park #1. Not towed, owners present, paid fines.


4/9: Vehicle in poor condition parked, unoccupied, Evergreen Avenue/Hillside Road.


4/9: Telephone wire reported hanging low on Centre Street. Moved to side of road.


4/9: Youths reported drinking in woods by Johnson Place. Parties checked out, running at Rye Neck School track.


4/8: Complainant stated he received unwanted Facebook comment from known party that might be threatening.


4/8: AAA behavior. Motorist reported he hit parked vehicle, agreed to pay for damage with no report. Owner contacted and agreed.


4/7: Fare to Midland? Suspicious white Lincoln Town Car reported driving around Hix Park. Complainant called back to report vehicle was cab picking up fare.


4/7: Intoxicated female reported trying to enter Rye Grill and Bar. Ambulance notified and responded to scene.


4/7: Kirby Lane resident wanted to document kids leaving beer cans, garbage on property.


4/7: Raccoon reported acting rabid, Grace Church Street.


4/7: Gauche wheels. Audi reported parked for several days, left wheel to curb. Towed by Hannigan’s.


4/7: Rabid raccoon reported, Midland Avenue.


4/7: Leashed they could do. Numerous dogs reported off leash, Dearborn Avenue. Re-leashed.


4/7: Complainant stated suspicious gold, 4-door sedan circling area of Evergreen Avenue.


4/6: Bradford Avenue resident reported suspicious white sedan. Vehicle left scene heading to BPR.


4/6: City Code violation, construction crew setting up early, Oneida Street, 9:17 a.m. Warned of 10 a.m. rule.


4/6: City Code violation, roof work before 10 a.m., Midland Avenue.


4/5: Vehicles reported blocking driveway, Eve Lane, facing wrong way, creating hazard. Moved.


4/4: Complainant stated construction vehicle blocking Kirby Lane from emergency vehicle. Vehicles moved and roadway cleared.


4/4: Two children locked inside vehicle, First/Purchase streets. Entrance made by Onstar.


4/4: Resident stated numerous vehicles parked illegally on Cowles/Apawamis avenues. PEO responded.


4/4: Suspicious gray vehicle parked with lights on, person inside appeared to be sleeping, McCullough Place.


4/3: Larceny reported, CVS.


4/3: Homeless person reported in hallway, HSBC Bank. Sitting on stairs in lobby, was on his way to train station to leave area.


4/3: Ongoing complaint of barking dog,  Dearborn Avenue. Officer sat in front of residence for several minutes, did not hear dog barking from location.


4/2: Rye Country Day School headmaster reported three checks from school’s account cashed without authorization.


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