Police Blotter 6-21-13

0:00 6/30: Barberry Lane, dog barking for several hours. Condition corrected. 6/29: Summit Avenue resident thought she heard someone trying to enter her house. Interior, exterior checks […]

Published July 18, 2013 6:06 PM
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6/30: Barberry Lane, dog barking for several hours. Condition corrected.

6/29: Summit Avenue resident thought she heard someone trying to enter her house. Interior, exterior checks showed several doors unlocked, but unopened. House secured.

6/29: Milton Road party reported that unknown person(s) entered her car overnight, damage to rear passenger door, sworn statement made.

6/29: Civilian stated cars were parked at Fernwood Avenue and Milton Road blocking other vehicles from passing. Condition corrected.

6/29: Suspicious person reported, Parkway Drive. Two males with surveying equipment in area, using blue Acura to check area.

6/29: No further action, indeed. Taxi driver reported fight on CT side of Station Plaza by Rye Grill and Bar. Parties had argument, female left on train, male left on foot. No further action requested.

6/28: Island Drive caller stated Ford Explorer stolen from his driveway overnight.

6/28: Citibank reported heavyset black male trying to pass fraudulent money orders.

6/28: Rockridge Road/Forest Avenue resident concerned about van parked on street for several weeks. Registered to Forest Avenue address.

6/28: Redfield Street caller stated van blocking his driveway.

6/28: Construction cones reported dumped in roadway, BP/Hillside roads. Cones placed to side.

6/27: Elevator not working. Caller stated vehicle appears to be locked inside Rye Town Park with driver attempting to exit via stairway. Condition corrected.

6/27: Hiding in plain sight. Intervale Place caller stated vehicle stolen overnight. Keys left in ignition.

6/27: Wallet stolen from vehicle parked on Hunt Place. No damage.

6/27: Large retaining wall facing Milton Road reported ready to collapse. New pieces of concrete recently fell into flowerbed in front of wall. Building Department notified.

6/27: Walk-in stated $200 withdrawal made at Purdy Avenue ATM by unknown person.

6/26: Tried the stairs? Vehicle locked inside RTP lot, 2 a.m. Officer’s key didn’t unlock gate.

6/26: Person found sleeping on a bench, Milton Road/Apawamis Avenue, 8 a.m. “Tanya” agreed to move along.

6/26: Lindbergh Avenue caller reported group of teens making noise. R.U.A. (Ran Upon Arrival).

6/25: Caller from Rye Eye Care reported dog left in vehicle outside for 30 mins. Officers dispatched.

6/25: Multiple calls for a three-vehicle accident, Old Post Road/Thruway Access Drive.

6/24: Midland Avenue complainant stated her wallet stolen from her home on approximately 6/1.

6/24: Port Chester PD requested officer to meet their detective making an arrest of Greenwich woman on warrant at Seaside Johnnie’s.

6/23: Possibly intoxicated youth in white Lexus SUV parked in Lot #2 near Morgan’s Fish House. Party stumbled out of vehicle, had words with bartender. 1:37 a.m.

6/23: Missing Harrison youth, possibly intoxicated, last seen in car park #4. Harrison PD picked up youth prior to RPD arrival, 3:15 a.m.

6/23: Highly intoxicated youth at Midland Avenue residence. Parents would like him evaluated, 3:26 a.m.

6/23: Assisted with robbery suspect, BPR. Suspect in custody.

6/23: Grace Church Street, intoxicated male with head injury. 3:56 a.m.

6/23: Report of animal stuck in vehicle, found by pedestrian who heard “meowing” coming from under hood. RFD on scene, gained access to cabin and under hood, able to rescue small black kitten.

6/22: Caller reported red Snapper lawn mower in woods, Winthrop/Sand streets. Officer retrieved Snapper Ninja.

6/22: Time marches on. Walk-in reported she left her watch on Library steps late previous night. When she returned it was gone.

6/22: Fishing hole. Bird Lane resident reported hole in fence, possible mischief from fishermen. Wanted to report damage/get help with resolution.

6/22: Soundview Avenue stated raccoon acting rabid in his yard.

6/21: Two Park Street residents reported vehicles entered overnight. Nothing taken, no damage.

6/21: Park Street resident reported criminal mischief, larceny from his vehicle.

6/21: Complainant stated he lost his license at Rye Nature Center.

6/21: Batten down the hatches, folks. Oakdale Avenue complainant reported someone entered her unlocked vehicle, removed Garmin GPS.

6/21: Ellis Court/Midland Avenue, use of leaf blowers reported.

6/21: Worth two in the bushes. Orchard Lane resident stated she had a bird in her house.

6/21: Gone, and almost forgotten. Walk-in reported car washed away in Hurricane Sandy.

6/12: Avon reported vehicle parked on private property for several days. Cameras showed driver entering vehicle. Towed, impounded.

6/21: Radcliffe Avenue complainant reported someone entered his vehicle, took money.

6/21: A yen to steal. Counterfeit $100 bills passed at Parker’s by Hispanic male blue wearing “Japan” jersey, Timberland boots. Canvassed area, no results.

6/20: Youths reported drinking on Greenhaven Beach.

6/20: Youths reported drinking on path near Highland Road parking lot.

6/19: Ah, summer. Resident reported large group of youths making noise on Thorne Place.

6/19: Suspicious white van reported parked i.f.o. house where alarm was going off.

6/18: Milton Road/Hewlett Avenue, Lieutenant called in illegally parked vehicles. Summonses issued.

6/17: All ojay. Caller reported seeing suspicious man near building at Jay property. Officer found caretaker on scene.

6/17: Stolen bike reported at RMS.

6/17: Skateboarders reported going downhill on Hillside Road. GOA.

6/17: Firefighter reported very deep pothole, Stuyvesant/Green avenues.

6/17: Cry of Lot. Theall Road caller reported 555 Theodore Fremd employees pushing heavy-wheeled garbage carts across lot, making a lot of noise.

6/16: Park Avenue resident reported loud party disturbing her peace, 1:19 a.m.

6/16: Purchase Street plant ripped from its planter.

6/16: Maple Avenue caller stated someone stole her lawnmower last week.

6/15: Sonns of Silence. Loud music reported near Sonn Drive, 11 p.m. Turned off for night.

6/15: Complaint of loud barking dogs at The Gables unit, Peck Avenue. Dogs quieted for night.

6/15: Landscapers working with leaf blowers, 8:43 a.m. GOA.

6/15: Criminal mischief to vehicles reported on Roosevelt Avenue and Purchase Street.

6/15: Leaf blowers, Greenleaf Street.

6/15: Illegally parked vehicle moved, Helen and Hix avenues.

6/15: Illegally parked vehicles and loud music reported, Locust Avenue, 11 p.m.

6/15: Party warned on illegal left turn, Purchase Street.

6/14: Caller reported suspicious green sedan, driven by male, circling near Milton Road/Rye Beach Avenue.

6/14: NSA moment? Milton Road resident reported unauthorized access to his AT&T account.

6/14: Lording it. Elizabeth Street complainant stated her landlord enters her apartment without any notification.

6/14: Leaf blowers, Hillside Road.


6/13: Report of fireworks in Jean Street/Dearborn Avenue area.

6/13: Vehicle, reported driving erratically, may have struck pole at intersection at Oakland Beach Avenue/Milton Road.

6/12: Up in smoke. Caller stated youths smoking marijuana, Mead Place/Locust Avenue. GOA.

6/12: Power Play. Walk-in complainant/victim stated he was deceived into sending unknown party $487.87 in order to keep his power on.

6/12: Unleashed pit bull reported running around Park Lane by Milton Firehouse. GOA.

6/12: Caller reported male wearing purple shirt/black pants soliciting door-to-door. Picked up by supervisor without incident.

6/12: Site scene. Hillside Place/Hill Street resident reported hazardous holes in ground at construction site due to “snow” fence being down. Upon arrival, officer replaced fallen orange safety-netting in front of site.

6/12: Mother called to say son tackled at RHS and broke his ankle.

6/11: Caller reported lane closure with no flagman, Milton Road/Parsons Street.

6/11: Complainant reported she located vehicle on Theall Road that struck her vehicle in hit-and-run in Harrison 6/10.

6/11: Caller reported being rear-ended i.f.o. Planet Pizza, no injuries.

6/10: Park Avenue resident reported short Hispanic male in striped shirt/blue jean shorts banging on her door. Party was lost, asking for directions.

6/10: Hedge Find. City Code violation, Lindberg Avenue hedge height appeared to be above Code limit. City Clerk notified.

6/10: Better late. Pine Island resident reported two lost license plates from super storm Sandy. Plates never recovered.

6/10: iPod found. Westfield Day School student notified iPod at RPD. Father called to say okay for school employee to pick up.

6/10: Naughty Craig. Caller reported that after he placed ad on Craig’s List to sell boat, he began receiving pictures of scantily clad women via email.

6/9: Jammin’! Milton Road resident reported kids playing basketball and playing loud music next door disturbing his peace.

6/9: Male with small children reported launching small inflatables at end of Dearborn Avenue, Rye Town Park.

6/8: Loud party reported at midnight, Park Avenue. Shut down.

6/8: Tree fell on Meadow Place residence. Advised homeowner to stay on lower level, did not appear to breach structure.

6/8: York Avenue/Henry Street complaint of lawn equipment noise, 8:40 a.m. Warning, landscapers advised of City Code.

6/8: Suspicious party reported taking pictures from Citi parking lot of houses across the street. GOA.

6/8: Put it on Craig’s List? Boat reported sinking at dock at Marina.

6/8: Encon safety check conducted, two fishermen, no violations found.

6/6: Suspicious vehicle, Greenhaven Beach. Resident advised about being in beach area after dark.

6/6: Bong on arrival. Suspicious person seen walking away from red cooler bag, Milton Road/Oakland Beach Avenue. When officer turned vehicle around, person fled. Bag checked, one water bong, two beers found.

6/6: Jail-ly bread. Callers reported large heavy-set male passed counterfeit bills in Smoothie King and Le Pain Quotidien, left area in black Ford Explorer.

6/6: Complainant reported his bike was stolen from RHS rack.

6/5: Dog reported wandering to neighbor’s Soundview yard. Car 11 sent, officer spoke with both parties. Dog owner said he would keep dog on leash on his property.

6/5: Caller reported paint cans strewn all over ramp to I-95, Midland Avenue.

6/5: Caller reported leaf blowers, Ivy Street. Warning issued.

6/4: Marriott management reported an unwanted guest on property, 11 a.m.. Room occupant given until 2 p.m. to check out.

6/4: Warriston Avenue complainant stated his neighbor is on his property and didn’t belong there. Officer spoke with both parties, offender stated he will no longer go on property without permission.

6/4: Party was fired from work and employer wanted her off her Theodore Fremd premise.

6/4: Walk-in turned in a black bag containing iPad, personal paperwork found on Cedar Street. E-mail and message left for owner.

6/4: Party turned in gold-colored Michael Kors watch found on Presbyterian Church wall.


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