Police Blotter 3/7

0:00 3/4: Temping. Caller reported tree across road near Forest/Oakland Beach avenues. Medium sized limb snapped off. Temporarily moved to side of road by DPW. […]

Published March 7, 2019 5:53 PM
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3/4: Temping. Caller reported tree across road near Forest/Oakland Beach avenues. Medium sized limb snapped off. Temporarily moved to side of road by DPW.


3/4: Fairway Avenue caller reported smoke condition inside home. RFD responded.


3/4: Wires reported down, Hillcrest and Bradford avenues, 7 a.m.


3/4: Caller reported white Subaru went down embankment, BPR/ I-95 South. Canvassed area twice, no vehicle at location.


3/4: Walnut Street complainant wanted to speak with officer regarding possible harassment.


3/4: Audacious. Caller reported he was involved in dispute with operator of black Audi, and he was dragged by that vehicle, Playland Park/Thomas Keane Plaza. Stated he did not want EMS. Notified County PD.


3/4: Walk-in reported harassing phone calls.


3/3: Osborn Road caller stated her teenage daughter observed unknown parties in driveway looking at their cars, 1:46 a.m. Canvassed area, parties appeared to be GOA.


3/3: Snow ordinance violations, Central Avenue, Wainwright Street. Summonses issued.


3/3: Central Avenue caller reported his landlord was blocking his driveway, making him unable to leave. Caller once again advised it was civil matter. No violations observed.


3/2: Neighbor reported screaming, furniture being broken in unit, Pondview Road.


3/2: Orchard Avenue driveway reported completely blocked by vehicle. Summons issued, vehicle being moved.


3/2: Central Avenue caller reported he was upset due to landlord blocking him from pulling into driveway.


3/2: Eli could use blockers like this! Central Avenue caller reported his driveway was blocked by car. White van blocking. Summons issued.


3/1: Natty Bumpo. Walk-in reported finding fresh animal bones, intestines near Rye Rec north parking lot. Believed they came from Goldwin Street  where she stated she had previously seen animals hanging in shack in backyard.


2/27: Injured cat reported, Milton road/Sand Street. Canvassed area, cat GOA.


2/27: Several illegally parked cars violating posted signs, Forest/Gramercy avenues, 9:08 a.m. Spoke with contractor, warning issued.


2/27: It’s why they call it a circus. Traffic regulation/patterns were reported as poor or none at construction site, Milton Circle, Grace Church Street.


2/27: Older green minivan, North Carolina plates, reported in front of complainant’s Thorne Place house, occupied by Hispanic male who left in unknown direction.


2/27: Male black wearing dark pants, gray backpack was chased off high school grounds after screaming profanity to students. Last seen headed down BPR towards Playland Parkway. Party had Oregon ID, no outstanding warrants, was sent on his way.


2/27: Stoopid is, as …Orchard Lane complainant stated her tenant witnessed someone dumping several bags of garbage on her front stoop, then leaving area. Upon officer’s arrival, observed garbage on sidewalk not stoop. No answer at complainant’s door.


2/26: Taxi waiting for customer on wrong side of Elm Place near Purchase Street. Warning issued.


2/26: Mendota Avenue caller reported she found windows open at home she does not believe were opened by recent wind storm. Requested officers to check residence. Nothing amiss.


2/26: Caller reported tree was damaging property, Whitby Castle.


2/25: Wind brought down No Turn On Red sign, Five Points. DPW to be notified.


2/25: Large tree branches blocking roadway between Central Avenue, Hammond Road. DPW notified.


2/25: Tree reported down, North Street/Glendale Road.


2/24: Alarming. Caller stated her home alarm went off and when she went to pick up phone to call alarm company it was already in use. Interior/exterior search completed. All appeared normal.


2/23: Haven a nice day! Caller wanted vehicle parked in front of his house ticket for violation of snow ordinance, Haven Avenue. Summons issued.


2/22: Tires dumped on shoulder before exit to Playland Access Drive.


2/22: Larceny from motor vehicle, Highland Hall parking lot. Sworn statement taken.


2/22: Complainant reported vehicle had been following him since he left his home in Tarrytown. Requested police assistance, Forest Avenue/Playland Parkway. Party in other vehicle checked out.


2/22: Palisade Road shut down between Grapal Street and Midland Avenue due to roadwork by Suez Water.


2/22: North Street resident thought someone may have tampered with front door of her residence while she was out. Officer spoke with homeowner, nothing missing in residence. Advised to change locks.


2/21: Forest Avenue complainant stated she saw aggressive acting coyote in her backyard, 6:42 a.m.


2/21: Cat’s meow. Caller reported she heard cat in pain inside yard of Beverly Drive house, 10:15 a.m. Cats were warming by dryer vent, ran off on approach, appeared to be healthy and in no distress.


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