Police Blotter 5/25/18

0:00 Police Blotter 5/25 Lead 5/22: Mornin’, neighbor. Caller stated that black Subaru Legacy belonging to his Forest Avenue neighbor was continually parked illegally on […]

Published July 12, 2018 6:05 PM
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Police Blotter 5/25


5/22: Mornin’, neighbor. Caller stated that black Subaru Legacy belonging to his Forest Avenue neighbor was continually parked illegally on Redfield Street where no parking is allowed. Summons issued, 5:59 a.m.

5/21: Caller reported three puppies, 7- or 8-months-old, running back and forth across Rye Beach Avenue. Unable to locate.

5/21: Suspicious black van parked on Sonn Drive after leaving Osborn School lot, 3:28 p.m. Valid vehicle, doors unlocked, what looked like moving palette on wheels inside with crate of laptops. Spoke with head janitor and security in front of school, neither knew anything about van that was illegally parked. Officers planned to keep an eye on it.

5/21: Book ‘em! Officer warned two drivers who didn’t stop for student pedestrians in crosswalk, BPR/Roger Sherman Place.

5/21: Loud music reported, Grandview Avenue/Hillside Road, 11:40 p.m. Noise coming from Port Chester. PCPD notified.

5/20: Pave the roundabout while you’re at it? Resident advised that metal road plate had shifted, leaving dangerous gap on Grace Church Street near Howard Place. He placed an orange cone by gap. Contractor asked to reset plate.

5/20: Audi, Audi, in-come free. Audi system reported activation on gray Q7 model on Midland Avenue. Unable to get response from vehicle. GOA.

5/20: Several vehicles reported parked in no parking zone, Maple Avenue/North Street. Warnings issued.

5/19: Caller reported two 7 or 8-year-old girls walking in rain by themselves, Forest Avenue/Warriston Lane. Ladies were walking from one friend’s house to another’s. Followed to destination without incident.

5/19: Larceny. Bike reported stolen from backyard shed, Garden Drive. Sworn statement.

5/19: Meltdown. Party stated he was verbally abused and harassed by unknown party in front of Longford’s.

5/19: Loud music reported in Theodore Fremd Avenue apartment. Spoke to residents who agreed to lower volume and said people were leaving.

5/18: Advanced Placement. Rye High School requested police presence in snow field due to large gathering of students before school, 7:20 a.m.

5/18: Vessel boarding, Milton Harbor by Shenorock Shore Club. Warning issued, speed violation.

5/18: Noise complaint, Grace Church Street,10:22 p.m. Spoke with homeowner and DJ. Volume was turned down, planned to stop at 11 p.m.

5/17: Crude. Walk-in reported driver throwing trash out the window at her and driving in an unsafe fashion, BPR/Peck Avenue. GOA.

5/17: Rude. Hit-and-run reported in Car Park #4, no injuries.

5/16: What else is new? Wire burning through tree branch, Park Avenue, 9:32 a.m. As of 10:25 a.m., still waiting for Con Ed to respond. Area taped off.

5/16: Six-park. Caller stated vehicles were illegally parked on Intervale Place. PEO reported six summonses issued.

5/16: Coyote observed on Forest Avenue near Hall’s Lane.

5/16: Midland Avenue complainant stated NYPD recovered her car in the Bronx. She last saw it parked in front of her condo unit early on the same morning.

5/16: County Police stated they were notified of abandoned concrete mixer alongside Playland Market. Towed by Vincent’s.

5/15: Catch and release. Vehicle stopped, driver counseled on proper use of horn, Cottage Street. Warning issued.

5/15: Leaf blowers in use, Loewen Court. Summons issued.

5/15: Branches, wires down all-around town. Lawn in fire on Forest Avenue. Tree fell on house, Henry Street.

5/15: Complainant stated highly intoxicated female exited train andneeded assistance, Station Plaza.

5/15: Time for a tune-up? Caller reported heavy smoke coming from substation next to Rye Town Park ticket booth. No fire, was backup generator.

5/14: Marshlands’ caretaker reported youths possibly drinking in the woods. County PD notified.

5/14: Two callers described possibly intoxicated male, beige or gray jacket, black bag, jeans, Cedar/Purchase streets. Party was waiting for Uber.

5/12: Directions given to taxi driver to get fare home, Purchase Street/Highland Road, 3:07 a.m. Passenger heavily intoxicated. Also assisted with payment.

5/12: Landscapers operating equipment prior to 10 a.m., Orchard Lane, 8: 49 a.m. Warning issued.

5/12: Tel-a-Grammy. Chester Drive resident reported she received call from Edible Arrangements stating they had a delivery for her. Her son was home alone, nervous that call was not legit. All checked out, delivery was from grandmother.

5/12: Rollover accident reported with entrapment. Cars 10, 12, 18, EMS dispatched. WCPD notified as well, Forest Avenue/Playland Parkway.

5/12: Caller reported car in front of his Roosevelt Avenue residence. Operator acted suspiciously, crawling into back seat. GOA.

5/11: Female caller stated her car was parked at Purchase Street location two days ago and some unknown party had slashed her tire.

5/11: Leaf blowers in use, Stonycrest Road. Summons issued.

5/11: Hit-and-run. Caller stated he returned to his car which was parked in front of his Orchard Lane home to find it had been hit by unknown vehicle, causing minor damage before leaving scene.

5/11: Apawamis Avenue/Milton Road crossing guard reported that Rye High students were acting disorderly in their vehicle, and had thrown water bottle at him.

5/11: Well done. Loud party reported, Ridgeland Manor, with open flame too close to complainant’s house, 11:25 p.m. Advised homeowner to keep noise down. Urged him to finish grilling, put fire out.

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